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A ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey Kind Of Guy’ Will Trade A Super Bowl Ticket For Your Wife

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One Arizona man is offering an indecent proposal for any guy who wants to attend Super Bowl XLIX and leave his hot wife behind.


New Yorkers Are Looking For Snow Day Companionship On Craigslist


Plenty of New Yorkers took to Craigslist before Winter Storm Juno, looking for someone to share a grown-up snow day.


Portland Is The Kinkiest City In The United States

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Portland, the land of craft beer, beard contests, and hipsters, is the kinkiest city in the United States, according to Kink University.


Watch Lisa Ann Rant About The Difference Between Porn Stars And Prostitutes

By | 58 Comments

The retired adult film star educates the masses (and flaunts hers) in the video targeting young 20-something women.


This Man Got A Doctor’s Note Excusing Him For Being A Terrible Sexual Partner

By | 4 Comments

This man found a way to underperform in the bedroom... without having to explain himself.


What Is ‘Dogging,’ The Illegal Internet-Fueled Sex Craze In Britain?

By | 21 Comments

Dogging is a form of public exhibitionism common in the UK but completely unheard of in the United States.


Billy Crystal Clarified The Meaning Behind His Comments Regarding Gay Sex On TV

By | 10 Comments

Billy Crystal released a statement clarifying his comments about sex on television, attempting to remove any doubts.


This Tourist’s Adventurous Sexual Encounter Ended Up Costing Him Six Figures And Nearly His Life

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This tourist decided to sex up a Nevada hot spring with his lady while on holiday. Two hours later, he was in a hospital with a $250K bill.


The Story Behind The Guy Who Caught His Wife And Sister-In-Law Cheating And Is Live-Updating It All

By | 102 Comments

The story behind a wife's infidelity, the investigation connected to it, and the Reddit thread where the husband is live updating it all.

The birds and the bees

Watch These Parents Awkwardly Tell Their Kids About Sex For The Very First Time

By | 4 Comments

As if having to learn about the birds and the bees isn't bad enough, these awesome parents decided to teach their kids on camera.

people are gross

A Guy’s Fish Sex Video Has Apparently Gone Viral

By | 3 Comments

The unidentified Romanian man sits back while a friend guides a non-consenting carp, erm, 'onto' him.


A Chilean Radio Station Was Forced To Apologize After A DJ Received A Rimjob On The Air

By | 8 Comments

People were outraged at Chilean radio station Top 40 after one of their DJs received a rimjob live on the air and Tweeted it out.


All Of The Horrifyingly Fascinating Things We Learned From Reddit’s ‘Children Of Porn Stars’ Thread

By | 31 Comments

As expected, middle and high school kids are terrible and Reddit only makes it worse. At least I know never to invite Ron Jeremy over.


Protesters In London Will Try To Break The World Record For Face-Sitting Over The U.K.’s Sex Act Ban

By | 9 Comments

The mass demonstration scheduled for Friday will include a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest group of face-sitters. Yum.


The U.K.’s List Of Banned Sex Acts Is Bad News For Female Porn Stars

By | 19 Comments

Facesitting is now illegal in porn shot in the United Kingdom. Wait, what?

sex stories

These Parents Lied To Their Kids About Having Sex And It Led To This Awkward Exchange

By | 11 Comments

Lying to your kids about having sex is completely normal and acceptable for parents, provided you come up with a decent lie.

sex stories

This Horny Couple Allegedly Caused A Traffic Jam By Having Sex In A Car Parked Outside Of A Jail

By | 6 Comments

A couple couldn't wait to have sex after leaving a strip club so they hopped in their car and started going at it.

Sex With Sheep

Here’s The Story Of The Fresno State Student Who Had Sex With A Sheep To Relax

By | 11 Comments

When you're having a stressful time in life, nothing helps you bust loose better than having sex with a farm animal.

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