#Fox News

‘Boobs On The Ground’? Fox News Cracks Sexist Jokes About Female Pilot Who Bombed ISIS

By | 36 Comments

Hey, a woman did something really heroic and amazing -- quick, where's Fox News to take her down a notch?

#The Daily Show

‘The Daily Show’s’ Jessica Williams To Catcallers: Get Some Impulse Control ‘Cause I’ve Got Some Sh*t To Do

By | 15 Comments

'The Daily Show's' Jessica Williams provided the best response to a scandal involving rampant sexism in congress.

#Video Games

Why #GamerGate Is A Lie Gamers Need To Stop Telling Themselves

By | 72 Comments

#GamerGate is a trending hashtag. And it's also an embarrassment to gaming.


The Casting Call For ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Has Offended The Internet

By | 61 Comments

A sexist and racist 'Straight Outta Compton' casting call has the internet vomiting outrage.

#video games

Hearthstone Tournament Bans Women So They Can Become ‘A Legitimate Sport’

By | 14 Comments

A Finnish Hearthstone tournament posted some rules banning women. Guess how that worked out!


A New Study Suggests That The ‘Trophy Wife’ Is Just A Myth Perpetuated By Haters

By | 23 Comments

According to a new sociological study, the 'trophy wife' is an unfair and demeaning stereotype, because women actually love old, rich men.

#video games

Ubisoft Also Thinks It’s Too Hard To Put Women Into ‘Far Cry 4′

By | 38 Comments

Hand us the shovel, Ubisoft. You've dug yourself in deep enough.

utter jaw dropping stupidity

Dumb People Take ‘Feminine’ Hurricanes Less Seriously, Die Because Of It

By | 17 Comments

"Female" hurricanes are not taken seriously by some people... until it's too late.


The Most Clever And Thought-Provoking #YesAllWomen Tweets

By | 59 Comments

On Friday night, a scat-gargling douchecanoe committed a misogyny-fueled spree murder, and women are responding with #YesAllWomen tweets.


Neko Case Wonderfully Shamed Playboy For Their Sexist Tweet

By | 42 Comments

Neko Case isn't a female musician, she's a musician.


Happy International Women’s Day! This Female Comedian Just Got Bumped For Being A Woman

By | 22 Comments

British comedian Jenny Collier tweeted a screenshot of an email telling her she was being bumped, because too many wimmens!


Richard Petty Has A Real Hot Take On How Danica Patrick Can Win In NASCAR

By | 14 Comments

NASCAR legend Richard Petty said that the only way Danica Patrick will ever win a race is by being the only person on the track.


Felicia Day Pities The ‘YouTube Guys’ Who Think She Was Hotter Before Her Haircut

By | 34 Comments

Felicia Day is too good of a person to be constantly attacked by trolls.


SEXISM WATCH: Movie theaters in Sweden to rate films according to the Bechdel Test

By | 62 Comments

Theaters in Sweden will soon rate films according to the Bechdel Test to measure gender equality. I've written a short script that will pass the Bechdel Test.

women's rights

Was This Female Iranian Politician’s Election Overturned Because She’s Too Pretty?


After an Iranian woman was elected to her city's council, she was inexplicably denied the job and some people believe it's because she's too pretty.


A Doctor In Tennessee Diagnosed A Female Patient With ‘Ghetto Booty’

By | 23 Comments

After visiting an orthopedic center for back pain, a Tennessee woman was told by the doctor that she in fact had a case of "ghetto booty."


Anita Sarkeesian Releases ‘Tropes vs Women In Video Games’ Part 2, Jerks Get It Taken Down

By | 106 Comments

Anita Sarkeesian posted part two of 'Tropes vs. Women in Video Games.' Then it was wrongly pulled from YouTube.


Grimes Highlights Sexism In The Music Industry In Must-Read Tumblr Post

By | 21 Comments

Grimes wrote this year's must-read Tumblr post from a musician, highlighting sexism in the music industry.


Why The Internet Is Freaking Out Over A Nine-Year-Old’s Kickstarter

By | 23 Comments

An entrepreneur named Susan Wilson started a Kickstarter for her daughter. Then the Men's Rights subreddit found it.

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