Steven Seagal

A Brief History Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Steven Seagal

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That Steven Seagal story going around is actually old, but this seemed as good a time as any for a refresher.


An Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Harassed This Woman, So Uber Tried To Make It Up To Her With Credit

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Oh our driver asked you to give him a blowjob? Sorry about that. Is a £20 credit enough?

sexual harassment

Somebody Catcall My Momma: Was Thea Vidale Sexually Harassed During Her Time In WWE?

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According to reports, actress Thea Vidale aka Shelton Benjamin's Momma says WWE was full of sexual harassment and a low point of her career.

Betty Boop

Simon Cowell Is Making A Betty Boop Movie

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Cowell is set to produce a movie starring the original American Idol. (Probably a stretch, but how much you wanna bet they use a similar line in the promo?)

sexual harassment

Kid Rock Issued Two Profanity-Laced Responses Regarding His Infamous Glass Dildo

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Kid Rock finally responded to that whole mess with the glass dildo, Insane Clown Posse and a sexual harassment lawsuit.

insane clown posse

Kid Rock Has Been Ordered To Turn Over His Glass Dildo In Insane Clown Posse Case

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Kid Rock has been ordered to turn over the glass dildo he got from Dirty Dan. No, seriously.

#X Men: Days of Future Past

Pete Holmes Surprises And Seduces With A New ‘Ex-Men’ Sketch Starring Jean Grey

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Pete Holmes stars as Professor X, attempting to seduce Jean Grey and learning a valuable message about messing with Phoenix.


Johnny Manziel Is Being Sued For Sexual Harassment For Allegedly Sending Hot Dog-Themed Dick Pics

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In the most amazing court claim of all time, Johnny Manziel is being sued for sexual harassment involving hot dogs, Disney parks and more.


Dispelling Myths About The Sexual Harassment Suit Brought Against Fred Savage During ‘The Wonder Years’

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Putting to bed all the myths that had surrounded Fred Savage for the alleged sexual harassment on the set of 'The Wonder Years.'


Sexual Harassment Suit Against ICP Includes Dildos, Vagina Tighteners, and Guns, Obviously

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If you've been reading my Gathering of the Juggalos Tour Diaries, you know that Juggalos, ie fans of Insane Clown Posse, have their own unique codes of morality and social conduct, and that those codes can seem foreign to those who are not and who've never been down with the clown.


Tippi Hedren: Hitchcock was a sexual harasser who ruined my career

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Tippi Hedren was a model when Alfred Hitchcock gave her the lead in The Birds, and this may come as a shock to you, but it turns out that the big, fat powerful film director didn't always treat the hot, blonde young model with decency and professionalism.


Do Not Go To Craigslist Los Angeles

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Additional advice: If Lenny Dykstra contacts you on Craiglist Los Angeles and wants you to come over to his house and be his "personal assistant", don't do it, it's a trap.

sexual harassment

Relax, baby, Jeremy Irons just wants to ass you a question

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From Humbert Humbert in Lolita to Caesar Borgia, Jeremy Irons has made a career out of playing lecherous older dudes (to say nothing of Scar in the Lion King or the bad guy in Die Hard 3).

sexual harassment

Archie Comics Exec A Sexual Harasser?


It seems absolutely shocking that a company best known for the sweet, innocent work of Dan DeCarlo (that's not a work-safe link, if you're unfamiliar with sarcasm) would have a problem with sexual harassment, but apparently it does.


Taiwanese Brett Favre Animation Guaranteed To Love You Long Time

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I love these Taiwanese animations more than many of my own life achievements.


Brett Favre Saga Moves From Press Room To Courtroom In Sexual Harassment Suit

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NFL future Hall Of Fame quarterback Brett Favre is getting sued, but not by the former New York Jets employee that you're expecting.


Hot Reporter Upset About Being Hot

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SEXY UPDATE: For those of you that missed the gallery, enjoy.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal has ‘unique physiological reaction’ to arousal

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I knew I wasn't going to be the first to get to this story about Steven Seagal "allegedly" using 23-year-old former employee Kayden Nguyen as "his sex toy".

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