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Steven Seagal doing a traditional Chechen dance

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This might have missed the attention of you skimmers, so I'm just going to leave it here again to jumpstart your weekend.


Dan Murphy is Cooler Than All of Us – Parkour Boy vs. Parkour Dog

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[via DPF] MORNING LINKS Dark Knight Rises gets PG-13 Rating |Film Drunk| ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: ‘The Night Lands’ |Warming Glow| Twelve Minutes From ‘Lockout’ Is Like Snake Plissken In Space |Gamma Squad| The Dugout Opening Days ’12: Miami Marlins |With Leather| The Best Of ‘Community’s’ [...].


This Isn’t Sports-Related, But It Should Be

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If you needed any sort of affirmation that "being yourself" can not only be a good thing, but a wonderful thing, look at Japan.


‘Yo Man…Take A Look At Your Team…’

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This is Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips dancing to "<a href="">Y.M.C.A.</a>", that annoying-as-balls song pushed out the backdoor by the Village People in 1978.


‘Sexy Dance 3, the Battle’

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Yo yo yo, word up, ya dumb beeeyotch, it's ya boy <a href="" target="_blank">C-Tates</a>, all up in ya biz like Cheez Whiz, ya heard.

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