Expect A New Eminem Album Post-Memorial Day, Oh And 50’s Album, Too

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We now have permission to get our hopes up for a new Eminem album this year.


8 Realistic Expectations For Eminem’s 8th Album

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After exercising some demons on Relapse and getting a pass from fans, expectations were high for Eminem's quick follow-up, Recovery.


The iPod Shuffle – “Move On (Remix)”

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<a href=""> My, how things change. About this time two years ago, the then-recently-formed four-headed monster known as <a href="">Slaughterhouse</a> was going on a rampage, destroying anything they touched.


Eminem Feat. Slaughterhouse & YelaWolf – “2.0 Boys”

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<a href=""> Disregard everything on the Slaughterhouse EP. That was just some filler cuts to get out of their E1 contract. With <a href="">their Shady deal</a> in full bloom now, everyone’s back on their A-game.


Eminem Boosts Shady Records With Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf In XXL

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<a href=""> Pardoning the obviousness of 2011 barely being a few weeks old, Eminem and XXL have made the biggest annoucement of the year with a simple pictorial statement. While it was basically a given that the Joe Budden/Royce Da 5'9"/Joell Ortiz/Crooked I quartet of Slaughterhouse were already aligned with Shady Records, much to everyone's surprise, Big Bad <a href="">Yelawolf</a> has be thrown into the fray.


Obie Trice – “LeBron On”

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<a href=""> As creatures of instinct, humans automatically flip a switch when backed into corners. One rapper who's well aware of this fight or flight approach to life is <a href="">Obie Trice</a>.


I’m Not Impreeeeesed: Eminem’s 2011 Grammy Promo Commercial

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<a href=""> Whenever anything <a href="">Em</a> drops, the reiteration by the media is so thick, I just assume you've already seen Slim's commercial for The <a href="">53rd Grammys</a>.


Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – “Living Proof”

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<a href=""> Channeling an audible aggression once perfected by their fallen comrade, <a href="">Marshall Mathers</a> and <a href="">Nickel Nine</a> bring back their bad & evil act for this nuclear new millennium on the freshly leaked "Living Proof.


Slim & Fifty Prank Lloyd Banks

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<a href=""> Instead of just handing <a href="">Lloyd Banks</a> his well-deserved Gold plaque for "<a href="">Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley</a>," Curtis and B Rabbit go all Ashton Kutcher and make the hottest member of G-Unit believe there had been murmurs of him saying he didn't want Eminem to make an appearance on his third album, Hunger For More II.

Vibe Magazine

Aftermath Knows How To Vibe

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<a href=""> Considering the amount of clout <a href="">Doc Dre</a> and <a href="">Eminem</a> possess, I could've easily come up with a catchy tag line to try and trick you into checking out this post.

Shady Records

Public Service Announcement

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<a href=""> Saying how dope Recovery is to all your homeboys is not the same as supporting <a href="">Eminem</a> so quit lying to yourself.

Shady Records

Eminem – “Buffalo Bill” x “Elevator”

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While we may be partial to <a href="">Pill's prescription</a>, it's still nice to see <a href="">Em</a> visiting the doctor's office a little more and pushing his drugs to youth.

Tha Bizness

“Crime Wave” – Review Of 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct

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It's been a long yet lucrative road to the release of <a href="">Before I Self Destruct</a>, 50 Cent's much documented final record on his Interscope contract.

Shady Records

Eminem – “Beautiful” Video

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Remember <a href="">that train station</a> that LC spoke on.


Eminem Feat. Dr Dre & 50 Cent – “Crack A Bottle” Video

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Previously Posted -- <a href="">“I Murder A Rhyme One Word At A Time…” </a>| <a href="">“Same Song & Dance” - Review Of Eminem’s Relapse</a>.


Eminem’s Relapse Album Art

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Overall, <a href="">the promo</a> & packaging for this album > the audio.

Shady Records

Eminem – “My Mom” “Bagpipes From Baghdad” & “Insane”

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My deft, That's So Raven intuition tells me that there's ass-chewing going on @ the Shady offices today (no Karamo) with all these tracks & snippets suddenly hitting the innernuts.

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