We Need to Talk About Rin Nakai, You Guys


We need to talk about Rin Nakai, you guys, the Queen of Pancrase who mostly wears cat costumes and puts food and bugs all over herself.


The Steve Jobs Action Figure Is Kinda Freaking Me Out Right Now You Guys

A company called In Icons is cashing in on Steve Jobs' legacy by producing an unlicensed Jobs action figure, and they also used graphic design work by Raid71 and jmak possibly without paying for it.

#Star Trek

There Were Going to Be “Enterprise” Movies?

Paramount has spent most of the last ten years or so essentially mugging Trekkies for their lunch money before finally giving them a Dear John letter with J.

viral video

Getting Your Kid Stoned At the Dentist Is the Key to Riches

Exploiting children is a proud American tradition.

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