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Vince Offer (The ShamWow Guy) Is Planning His Big Comeback

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With a new kitchen cleaner called "InVinceable," Vince the Shamwow guy is hoping we'll all forget about that whole prostitute mess.


Emwow: Vince For Eminem’s Recovery

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<a href=""> I think we can all agree that there will never be another Billy Mays. He was the Benjamin Franklin of pitchmen, the Rick Ross of pushing product. However, unlike the modern-day rap fan, I'm not quick to crown any new jack on the scene with the slightest bit swagger "the next best thing" or better yet, "a savior." But I do know talent when I see it. And while he's no Marv Albert, Vince Schlomi has IT. He is a living, breathing, enunciating "wow" moment with great hair and the gift of gab. In those green times when America needed a non-disposable product for pesky spills and something to shine our candy paint with, he gave us the Shamwow. We yearned for a kitchen product that channeled our aggression while making the average Tuna salad not so boring, he hit us off with <a href="">the Slap Chop</a>.


3.28 The Cooler

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