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A Dynasty Of Morning Links


Links Shaq Talks About The Moment The Lakers Dynasty Died - Stupid Deadspin, always getting the exclusives.

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Shaq And His Sleazy Former Computer Guy Are Trying To Ruin Each Other

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While I was eating lunch today I read <a href="">this gigantic bombshell report by the Miami New Times</a> on the on-going war between Shaquille O'Neal and his former IT guy, Shawn Darling, and it's just WHOA.


Policeman Shaq Is Adorable, A Total Liar

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Shaquille O'Neal should be able to get any job in the world.


She Won’t Marry You, But She Thanks You For Being A Friend


<a href=""> Heartbreaking tale of love and loss featuring two of America's favorite senior citizens. Shaquille O'Neal is going to have the best retirement. He's completing a Filmmaking Conservatory at the New York Film Academy (at Universal Studios), he's going to end up professionally wrestling somebody at somebody's Wrestlemania and he's filming Tim And Eric-style comedy vignettes about wanting to marry Betty White. In the video above, Shaq hangs with the legendary lady of comedy by making Jim Halpert face at the camera while she tries to act and be funny. That's what's so great about Shaq, he's got rap albums and video games and movies and television shows and none of them are any GOOD, but he's got the all, and he's going to keep making more. Look at that face. Maybe this is is the video they were talking about when TMZ said Shaq <a href="">had a sex tape and was being blackmailed</a>.


Macedonia’s Bloodiest Slam Dunks


Shaquille O'Neal romanticized the image of a shattered backboard.


Shaq Has a Posse, Mobile Assault Team


Try not to make the same face Shaq is making when you read this next sentence: Seven gang members allegedly kidnapped, beat up and robbed a record industry scout who claimed to have security cam footage of Shaquille O'Neal having sex with women other than his wife.


Morning Links: Bruins Fans Show Support by Dying Black Bears Black

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Fun fact: If you ask the average sports fan who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup, he will answer "LeBron James.


You Can Stop the Reign

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Middle school is officially over: Shaquille O'Neal is retiring.

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Shaquille O’Neal Announces His Retirement On Twitter, Twitter Reacts To Shaq’s Retirement


Oh this is kind of a sad day now -- Shaquille O'Neal, basketball's loveable giant, a true original in the world of professional sports, announced his retirement this afternoon, <a href="!/SHAQ/statuses/75996821360615425">on Twitter</a>, of course.


Morning Links: I’m Outstanding


Now let's skip to the time when I was fifteen.

Shaq To Wed Former Flavor Flav ‘Flame’ Hoopz

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Shaquille O'Neal has rebounded from his wife of seven years Shaunie and I'm quite sure you recognize the name from the hours you've all spent poring over re-runs of VH1 reality shows of yore.


Gary Busey is Adrian Peterson’s lawyer, shaman

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As much as I liked<a href=""> Kenny Powers' K-Swiss ad</a>, I think Vitamin Water just drank their milkshake (can I still use that.


5 Logic-Defying Facts About Shaq’s Rap Career

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There are only a handful of entities in world history that can be considered true renaissance men and jacks-of-all-trades able to accomplish many mind-boggling feats in one lifetime: Leonardo Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin and Tiger Woods’ loins all come to mind.

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This is the video for Owl City's fruity song, "Vanilla Twilight.

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