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Indiegogo Will Allow You To Produce A Scene For ‘Sharknado 2′ For How Much?


'Sharknado 2' producers want you to donate money so you can be part of the film! It'll be about $50,000.


Every Network Gets A Zombie Show Now! YOU Get A Zombie Show! And YOU Get A Zombie Show!

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In case you thought the one network that should actually be producing a show about zombies was slacking.


The Poster For ‘Sharknado 2′ Is Exactly As Subtle And Nuanced As You’d Expected

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"Sharknado 2" has a new poster and release date. The Statue of Liberty dies this July.


Coming Soon From The Producers Of 'Sharknado': 'Airplane Vs. Volcano'! Starring Dean Cain!

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The Asylum made a movie about Dean Cain battling a volcano. And there's a trailer. FINALLY.

BEST OF 2013

The 10 Best Things That Happened On TV In 2013

By | 24 Comments

From "Sharknado" to Guy Fieri's stolen Lamborghini to the Red Wedding, we've got you covered.


The ‘Sharknado’ Sequel’s Title Is Pretty Uninspired

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Hot off of the success of a lot of people ironically watching Sharknado and Tweeting about is as if <a href="" target="_blank">it was the greatest thing that ever happened</a> to anyone in the history of Thursday night summer TV movies, SyFy announced that we would be getting a sequel in 2014.

Discovery Channel

Please Take A Moment And Watch Tara Reid Try To Explain Whale Sharks On ‘Shark After Dark’

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"So I look up sharks on the Internet and I'm, like, 'WHALE SHARKS... so that must be when a whale and a shark have sex.' Then I think 'Well, how does a whale and a shark have sex?' And then I looked it up..."


Tara Reid May Have Been Axed From The 'Sharknado' Sequel (UPDATE: Or Not.)

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TMZ is reporting that Syfy doesn't want Tara Reid back for the "Sharknado" sequel, although a Syfy rep says no decision has been made yet.

midnight screenings

You'll Soon Be Able To See ‘Sharknado’ In A Theater At Midnight, Just Like Other Delightfully Bad Films

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Would you prefer to pay to see Sharknado in a theater at midnight rather than watch it at home whenever FOR FREE? Well, if so, THANKS HOLLYWOOD!


Don't Be Surprised If The 'Sharks Make Movies Better' Tumblr Inspires The Next 'Sharknado'

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The Tumblr page "Sharks Make Movies Better" could inspire the next great "Sharknado."


The Best Cosplay Day One Of Comic-Con 2013

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We've collected our 33 favorite pictures from the first day of Comic-Con 2013. Will there be any 'Sharknado' cosplay? Spoiler alert: there totally is.

child prodigies

An 8 Year-Old At Summer Camp Has Penned The Perfect ‘Sharknado’ Sequel Script

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A Sharknado sequel is in the works. I think we've found the writer for it. This person is 8 years-old.


Syfy Announced A Sharknado Sequel And A Contest To Choose The Title

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Syfy has greenlit a Sharknado sequel. Or prequel. Either way, there will be more sharks falling from the sky in the near future.


‘Sharknado’ Producers Offering One Lucky Person The Chance To Get Eaten By A Shark In Their Next Movie

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The producers of 'Sharknado' are having a contest to let one viewer be a victim in their next shark-based disaster movie.


Well, That’s A Relief: Weather Website Thinks ‘Sharknado’ Needed To Be Debunked

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Good thing a weather site debunked the myths behind 'Sharknado', because we thought it was a documentary. (Bonus: Sharknado recreated in LEGO)


Wherefore Art Thou, ‘Sharknado’? A SyFy Executive Muses On Quality Movie Names.

By | 16 Comments

SyFy executive Thomas Vitale talks about SyFy movie names that work, which leads to an important discussion about koalas.


The World Will Quake With Fear: The 20 Best SyFy Original Movie Titles

By | 20 Comments

From 'Arachnoquake' to 'Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon,' nobody comes up for great names for bad movies better than SyFy.

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