The Trailer For ‘Unbroken,’ Angelina Jolie’s Biopic About One Of The All-Time Badasses

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Louis Zamperini ran in the Olympics and gutted a shark with some shrapnel, what did you do today?

Dangerous Fishing

Here’s The California Great White Shark Attack Caught On Video

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The Manhattan Beach, California shark attack was caught on video

fake shark attack

Watch This Lady Get Scared Off Her Feet With This Excellent Shark Attack Prank

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This lady thinks she won't get scared by sharks. She was fantastically incorrect.


Something In The Ocean Is Eating Great White Sharks

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So there's something in the ocean that just straight up eats great white sharks. Sleep well!


Introduce Yourself To The Rare Goblin Shark Before It Invades Your Nightmares

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This Florida fisherman wasn't long throwing this nasty looking beast back into the sea, just in time to ruin your vacation plans.

Florida Man Who Caught 805-Pound Shark Will Not Be Awarded A World Record Because He Ate It

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If you want credit for your 800-pound catch, try not barbecuing it.

New Zealand Doctor Fights Off Attacking Shark, Stitches Own Wound, Goes To The Bar For A Beer

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Fight off shark: CHECK. Stitch own wound: CHECK. Go to bar: CHECK. This dude is more badass than any of us will ever be.

anchorman 2

Watch Out! Australian Sharks Are Now On Twitter And They’re Hungry For Followers!


I've always wanted to have a shark friend and I think that now Australian sharks are on Twitter, I might have a dream to check off my list.


‘Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark’: SyFy May Have Jumped The, Well, You Know

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Here's the first trailer for 'Mega Shark Vs Mecha Shark', another movie trying to repeat the magic of 'Sharknado'.


Okay, Fine, PBS. You And Your Baby Sea Otter Show Have Our Attention.

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PBS's "Nature" will air an episode tomorrow titled "Saving Otter 501," which will focus on an aquarium's attempt to rescue and rehabilitate a baby sea otter.


SyFy’s Next ‘Sharknado’ Is Here. It’s The Trailer For ‘Avalanche Sharks’!

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Here's the first trailer for 'Avalanche Sharks', Syfy's latest faux sci-fi TV movie attempting to recreate the magic of 'Sharknado'.


The Trailer For ‘Avalanche Sharks’ Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch This Week

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The news and details surrounding this new trailer for a movie called Avalanche Sharks are a little confusing.


“Shark Whisperer” Balances Shark In Palm Of His Hand


Incredible footage of a diver balancing a deadly reef shark in the palm of his hand after massaging it to sleep with a gentle nose rub.


The ‘Sharknado’ Sequel’s Title Is Pretty Uninspired

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Hot off of the success of a lot of people ironically watching Sharknado and Tweeting about is as if <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tv/2013/07/an-important-discussion-about-sharknado-the-greatest-movie-ever-about-a-shark-filled-tornado/" target="_blank">it was the greatest thing that ever happened</a> to anyone in the history of Thursday night summer TV movies, SyFy announced that we would be getting a sequel in 2014.


Roomba-Riding Shark Cat Cleans Kitchen


A cat in a shark costume calmly rides a Roomba around the kitchen.


Late Night Hashtags: #SharkRap


<a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/jimmy-fallon/?section=video">Jimmy Fallon</a> started the #SharkRap hashtag on Twitter (as part of his <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/late-night-hashtags/?section=video">Late Night Hashtags</a> segment) and it was a trending topic within 30 minutes.


The ‘Photo Of The Year’ Showing A Man Coming OUT OF A SHARK Proves Australians Are The Weirdest

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You will never be awesome as this Australian fisherman, who crawled into a shark as a "jape."


Don't Be Surprised If The 'Sharks Make Movies Better' Tumblr Inspires The Next 'Sharknado'

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The Tumblr page "Sharks Make Movies Better" could inspire the next great "Sharknado."

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