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Someone Captured Frightening Video Of A Hungry Moray Eel Trying To Eat This Shark Whole

By | 9 Comments

This video of a moray eel practically swallowing a white tip reef shark whole is what nightmares are made of.


50 Questions About The Dancing Sharks From Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

By | 25 Comments

Katy Perry took the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show with two dancing sharks. Understandably, we have a few questions.

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Discovery Has Turned ‘Shark Week’ Into ‘Summer Of The Shark’

By | 5 Comments

Oh good, an entire summer of sharks. What could go wrong?


A Scientific Breakdown Of The Recently Discovered ‘Nope Shark’

By | 13 Comments

The Nope Shark is real, not a hoax, and just as scary as it looks.

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NOPE: Australian Fishermen Pulled This Horrifying Nightmare Beast Out Of The Ocean

By | 23 Comments

A group of Australian fishermen pulled a fully-grown, extremely rare frilled shark out of the water HOLY HELL THAT'S THIS THINGS FACE?


The New Discovery Channel Boss Says The Days Of Fake Shark Shows And Snake Stunts Are Over

By | 15 Comments

The new boss at the Discovery Channel says not to expect any more misleading shark documentaries or "Eaten Alive"-style stunt shows.


Evil Sharks Are Eating The Internet In Vietnam

By | 5 Comments

Seems some evil sharks have taken it upon themselves to nibble Vietnam's underwater internet cables, therefore, eating their internet.

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These Funny Pop Culture Snowmen And Snow Sculptures Are Ready To Take On A New Year

By | 2 Comments

Here are the funny pop culture and geeky snowmen you could build with the copious amounts of snow out there.


Oh, Great, The Navy’s Building A Robot Shark Called The ‘GhostSwimmer’

By | 12 Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water to avoid robots, there are now robot sharks.


A Brave Idiot Surfed Atop A Dead Whale While Surrounded By Hungry Sharks

By | 6 Comments

There are a lot of dumb-dumbs in the world, but this guy might be the king of the idiots.



By | 50 Comments

In which a grouper eats a 4-foot shark in one bite, because the ocean is never not terrifying.

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Andrew Lincoln Promises A ‘Walking Dead’ Fifth Season With Zombies Riding Sharks Throwing Snakes

By | 4 Comments

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus pal around with Robert Kirkman in an interview they clearly don't care about.

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Meet The Shark That Put Up A Better Fight Against Michael Strahan Than Brett Favre Did

By | 9 Comments

Who got the best of Michael Strahan: Brett Favre on the record-breaking sack or the shark in Sharknado 2?


Rob Lowe’s ‘Shark Week’ Promo Is Literally The Strangest Thing You’ll Watch Today

By | 8 Comments

Rob Lowe shows that he's a master of the most vicious fish in the world, as he rides two great whites in a new Shark Week promo.


The Trailer For ‘Unbroken,’ Angelina Jolie’s Biopic About One Of The All-Time Badasses

By | 32 Comments

Louis Zamperini ran in the Olympics and gutted a shark with some shrapnel, what did you do today?


Here’s The California Great White Shark Attack Caught On Video

By | 10 Comments

The Manhattan Beach, California shark attack was caught on video


Watch This Lady Get Scared Off Her Feet With This Excellent Shark Attack Prank

By | 4 Comments

This lady thinks she won't get scared by sharks. She was fantastically incorrect.

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