Waiting Room

Shaun Boothe – Waiting Room Mixtape

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After educating the masses with his unauthorized biographies and dropping off a random track every blue moon, Shaun is finally dropping off his full length project Waiting Room.

Waiting Room

Shaun Boothe – “UBOW (Unauthorized Biography Of Oprah Winfrey)” Video


When word came down that Oprah Winfrey was gracefully bowing out this year, to say I was indifferent would definitely be an understatement since I never actually watched her show aside from rainy days growing up or instances beyond my control.

Shaun Boothe

Shaun Boothe – “Poor Boy” Video

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Shaun brings a piece of his own biography to the small screen with this video for "Poor Boy." So break out your Real 3D glasses and push play.

Unauthorized Biography Series

Shaun Boothe – “Unauthorized Biography Of Sean Combs”

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Back on his "Unauthorized Biography" grind, Shaun Boothe tabs Sean Combs for the first subject in his Hustler's Edition of his series.

Shaun Boothe

Shaun Boothe Feat. Amanda Diva “Music Man” Video

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Another quick appearance from Shaun Boothe, taking a break from the Unauthorized Biography series to drop what will be his first single for Hip-Hop In 3D.

Unauthorized Biography Series

Shaun Boothe – “Unauthorized Biography Of Jimi Hendrix”

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It's been a few since the last installment (if you missed the first four, go get a late pass.


Shaun Boothe – “Unauthorized Biography Of MLK & Barack Obama”

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Shaun doubled up this time around as we look back on history today and get ready to witness it tomorrow.

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