Ric Flair

The Four Essential Ric Flair Matches That Every Wrestling Fan Should Study

By | 11 Comments

"To be the man, woooooo! You gotta beat the man!"These four Ric Flair matches are full of chops, drama, and excitement. Relive some of the best wrestling ever by watching these classics.


Shawn Michaels Discussed His Potential Feud With Randy Savage, Tag-Teaming With God, And More

By | 17 Comments

Shawn Michaels sat down to promote his upcoming book, and talked everything from Randy Savage to Chris Jericho.


Triple H And Shawn Michaels Teamed Up To Bury CM Punk During His WWE Tryout

By | 78 Comments

Don't ask why CM Punk quit, ask how he survived as long as he did.


Requiem For A Cell: The Definitive Ranking Of Elimination Chamber Matches

By | 36 Comments

There have been 17 elimination chamber matches. Let's see what tops the list.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWE NXT 3/1/11 Season 4 Episode 13

By | 16 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WWE NXT season 4 episode 13, the epic (cough) season 4 finale. Who won't become WWE's next breakout star?


Wrestling Game Vs. Wrestling Reality: WWF Royal Rumble (1993)

By | 32 Comments

Which was worse -- an Acclaim wrestling game or 1993 WWF? Get ready for a Yokozuna-sized throwdown.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/19/15: I’ve Been Looking So Long At These Pictures Of Sting

By | 184 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 19, 2015, featuring the Raw debut of Sting and like 85 minutes of old people talking.


Opening Up A Can: The 7 Most Important Stone Cold Stunners Of All Time, Ranked

By | 35 Comments

We take a look at the most important Stone Cold Stunners ever delivered and rank them. What?

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 2/22/93: Hulk Hogan Saves Face

By | 27 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw for February 22, 1993, featuring the Raw debut of Hulk Hogan and SO MUCH TALKING.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWF Monday Night Raw 2/15/93: Naked And Famous

By | 41 Comments

The vintage Best and Worst of WWF Monday Night Raw for February 15, 1993, featuring a vengeful, naked giant and Macho Man on the phone.


Kevin Nash Will Miss Raw Reunion For Beating Up His Son On Christmas Eve

By | 19 Comments

WWE is putting the big hurt on Big Sexy by not letting him come back to play with his friends on Raw.


No Survivors: The 15 Worst Teams In Survivor Series History

By | 60 Comments

With Spandex takes a look at the 15 worst teams in WWE Survivor Series history, from the Four Doinks to Team Rated RKO.

macho man randy savage

Ohhhhh Yeah! 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Mad Life Of Macho Man Randy Savage

By | 83 Comments

Randy Savage's birthday is this Saturday, so here's a few madness-inspiring facts about the late, great Macho Man.


The Wrestling Hipster: The 5 Worst Types Of Hell In A Cell Matches

By | 46 Comments

HELL IN A CELL is great. They tell you it's great. The problem is that it's almost NEVER great. Here are the five worst kinds of HIACs.


Shawn Michaels Has Entered The Competitive World Of Herbal Snuff Shilling

By | 10 Comments

WWE Hall of Famer 'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels loves hunting, loves NASCAR and wants you to buy this herbal smokeless tobacco.


Vintage Best And Worst: WWF Royal Rumble 1997

By | 21 Comments

David D.'s look back at the mid-1990s returns with the vintage Best and Worst of WWF Royal Rumble 1997. The Attitude Era is upon us...

#Vintage Best And Worst

Vintage Best And Worst Special Edition: The 1996 Year In Review

By | 15 Comments

Reliving (and recapping) the vintage best and worst moments from the 1996 wrestling year.

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 8/25/14: A Womb Of One’s Own

By | 114 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for August 25, 2014, featuring SUPER JOHN CENA. Also, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella arguing about womb etiquette.


Twitter Was NOT Happy About The American Flag Being Dropped At SummerSlam

By | 18 Comments

WWE is drawing some criticism for letting an American flag hit the mat, but is it really that big of an issue?

#Vintage Best And Worst

Vintage Best And Worst: WWF In Your House – Umm … December Stuff 1996

By | 17 Comments

A vintage Best and Worst look back at the last pay-per-view of 1996, courtesy of David D. We're now entering wrestling's prime ...

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