Sean Rose – Overdrive Mixtape

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From the glamorous strip of Sin City to the most obscure corner of Whereverville, AK, a rose will always be revered as a rose.

We Got Now

Sean Rose – “Tomorrow” x “Plenty Of Love”


We've already been down the Las Vegas strip of audio pleasures with Sean Rose, but it just keeps getting better.


Shawnna Feat. GMGirls – “Horror Show” Video


You know Freddy, Mike, Chuckie and Jason and now it's Shawnna who wants to be referenced in similar company when you shudder at the thought of scary movies.


L.E.P. Bogus Boys x DJ Green Lantern – Now Or Neva Mixtape

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Rap music is currently overrun with smiley faced youngsters, dressed in Sunday's best pastel colors, quick to flash their piggy bank savings in broad daylight like sunbeams are made of honey and everybody wants to be your neighbor.


Shawnna Feat. Twista – “Hide And Seek”

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Shawnna kick hot ish for b*tches that got they baby daddies locked in the pen and the slow jam hour for the radio, apparently.

Young Cash

T-Pain Presents Nappy Boy All Stars Vol. 1

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Shawnna already set the precedence and you know T-Pain is good for a hit or seven.


Shawnna Feat. T-Pain – “Nappy Boys”

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When you mention the dopest female MCs, does her name ever get brought up.


Ludacris – “How Low” Video

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This video < Team Twerk's version but for formality purposes, Luda recruits some Cooler-worthy breezies for his latest smash.


Ludacris And Shawnna – “Everybody Drunk”

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If you aren't in the know, a few underrated rappers named Ludacris and Shawnna (Yea, I said it.

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