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Remembering Young Jeezy’s “Who Dat” And Its Three Truths

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With the buzz around<a href=""> Jeezy's</a> often delayed, yet soon to be released TM103 the talk of the town, yours truly decided to take a trip in the past and revisit one of 2008's most complete projects, The Snowman's third official LP, The Recession.

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Pusha T Feat. Kanye West & Young Jeezy – “Amen”

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Not really sure how "Amen" went from being <a href="">a Jeezy track</a> to <a href="">Pusha</a> and <a href="">Kanye</a> bogarting it but it works.


Gucci Mane & Future – Freebricks Mixtape

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Gucci and Future pair up to release Freebricks, hosted by DJ Scream.

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Yo Gotti x DJ Drama – Cocaine Muzik 6: Gangsta Of The Year Mixtape

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Live From The Kitchen is never coming out but Yo Gotti is still on his dope boy steez for his 6th trip on the slalom with Cocaine Muzik 6: Gangsta Of The Year.

Shawty Redd

DJ Drama x L.E.P. Bogus Boys – Don’t Feed Da Killaz Vol. 3

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<a href=""> As Michael Vick exposed onto the world, meticulously starving a rabid animal will make them fierce and deadly competitors. With a hunger of a great magnitude, the dedication becomes more intense. The goals and objectives become more clearer and instincts more sharp. Sort of like <a href="">the Bogus Boys</a> from the low end parts of Chicago.

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Yo Gotti Feat. Wale, J. Cole & Wiz Khalifa – “Look In Da Mirror (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Live From The Kitchen is never coming out but rappers from all ends of the earth know Gotti is truth, so, music they shall make. If you can recall, the video to <a href="">the original version</a>, YG had some pretty prestigious cameos and for the remix, he invites a trio of your favorite freshman to take a glance through the looking glass.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy – “Amen”

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<a href=""> I love how things work. No sooner than I <a href="">drop a few words</a> assessing a musician's recent output, they come back with a track worthy of recognition.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy – “Rap Game”

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<a href=""> "Hate to say it, but Young Jeezy's new music has been kinda disappointing. Is Da Snowman melting?" - <a href="">BDot</a> Ditto.

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Young Jeezy Feat. Lil Jon – “Jizzle”

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<a href=""> Saying "Jizzle" out loud doesn't exact breed the purest of thoughts but Young Jeezy wants you to think of it as <a href="">"Who Dat"</a> on steroids.

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Young Jeezy – “All White Everything”

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<a href=""> If you're looking new found depths of lyrical discovery from <a href="">Jeezy</a> on this one, you're barking up the wrong tree.


Strictly For The Traps N Trunks Vol. 2 Mixtape (Hosted By Big K.R.I.T.)


<a href=""> The actual mixtape isn't what it used to be but every now and then a good one comes along. This one dropped last week and I can't front to say I've listened to the whole thing yet. But seeing all these fairly recent Southern tracks compiled on tape saved me a bit of time. Plus, I know <a href="">KDough</a> don't touch no junk and it's hosted by the man of the hour, <a href="">K.R.I.T.</a> Consider those to be added incentives.

The Otis Williams Jr. Story

OJ Da Juiceman – “Coogi”

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<a href=""> Thanks to Ghettoville, USA, I can't even see the words Coogi without smelling Axe body spray, weed and/or various flavors of Black & Mild®. Once an uber expensive clothing line reserved for the rich, famous and the Biggie, the hood has adopted the now accessible pastel fabrics for their garb of choice. They're tailored so ghetto fabulous, the clothes don't even look authentic. And with all the extravagant heaps of tackiness, the streets need an official ambassador; a righteous spokesperson to wave the urnge, sky blue and forest green flag. "Aye!" Supposedly this is off <a href="">OJ's</a> new album The Otis Williams Jr.

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1.15 The Cooler

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Lovely Ottillia The 100 Most Social Brands Of 2009 [Mashable] What About Your Friends: Behind Shawty Redd's Murder Charge [Vibe] Man Has Glasses Tattooed on His Face [F-Listed] Coach Ryan Gets An Unwelcome Visitor [KSK] Pat Robertson And Haiti’s Deal With the Devil [The Root] The [...].

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1.4 The Cooler

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Lia Cha Hellooooo Nurse.

The State Vs. Radric Davis

Gucci Mane – “Heavy” Video

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Brick Squad chain, a hunnit stacks on the wrist and in your jeans, <a href="">Shawty Redd</a> on the track--it's all HEAVY.

The State Vs. Radric Davis

Gucci Mane – “Heavy”


While the state has custody of <a href="">Radric Davis</a>, these interview clips with <a href="">Info</a> will serve to entertain in his absence.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy – “24/23″ (Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman Diss)

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Aiight, Jeezy, I've been rollin' with you since way back sir.

The Bread Box Mixtape

Big Kuntry – “On Deck”

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Given the Feds undivided attention & <a href="">turncoats</a> within the team, listing the variety of illegal drugs you've got access to might not be the wisest move.

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