Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Remember Me” Video

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<a href=""> Dear <a href="">Sheek</a>, Knowing how long you've been in this business, the first thing I would like to do is congratulate you on the new album Donnie G: Don Gorilla.

Three/21 Media

Sheek Louch – “Jungle Music” Video

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<a href=""> Def Jam's <a href="">Gorilla</a> took some leisure time in his natural habitat in between shooting <a href="">this video</a> to pound his chest in front of Derek Pike's camera lens.

The Lox

Joell Ortiz Feat. The Lox – “Put Some Money On It”

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<a href=""> Most people throw around the term "I bet you..." this or that, when they really don't mean it all. Throughout "Put Some Money On It," the newest reason to <a href="">preorder</a> Free Agent on Amazon, <a href="">Brooklyn Joell</a> links up with <a href="">The Lox</a> to spit reason after ridiculous reason as to why they don't fit in that category.


Christmas With Def Jam 2010

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<a href=""> Without the proper buzz window and overdriven promotion, releasing an album in these dire times could be a wasted effort. Good thing the folks over at Def Jam have a bulletproof blueprint that no penny pincher can shoot down. By deviously planting unforeseen albums in stores during the holiday hustle-n-bustle, they're bound to scan a few discs just of the principality. Let's envision the scenario: Example A is 36-year-old male who runs into Best Buy to pay off last few dollars for the plasma TV his wife always wanted. Due to panic-stricken customers and the stressed teenagers forced to endure the breath of hell over nitpicky details like mislabled DVD box sets, Example A is going to be in line for a while. As he people watches to prevent succumbing to a ghastly boredom demise, he notices the new album from Ghostface Killah, Apollo Kids. Sure he enjoyed the sounds of Ironman during his college heyday, but that was years ago and as far as he's concerned, MP3 is a company who sends him bills every month. Now that he's briefly trailed off into a memory lane with the smell of blunt fog clouding the room as "Camay" plays softly in the background, he decides to tempt fate and see if GFK can bring his life a bit of nostalgia once again. And just like that, one unit has been shipped and sold. That's how it goes, right? Hellllll. To. The. Nah. You fuddy duddies don't buy CDs no more. But here's your Def Jam Christmas bundle of joy for 2K10 in case you get your mind right. <a href=""> Artist: Ghostface Killah New Album: Apollo Kids Last Album: <a href="">The Wizard Of Poetry: In Emerald City</a> (2009) Synopsis: Ghostdini rhymes get packaged up in the waning days of the year to save Hip-Hop yet again.

Styles P.

Sheek Louch Feat. Styles P. & Jadakiss – “Cocaine Trafficking” Video

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<a href=""> Real O.G.'s know this rap ish don't always keep the heat on so a career in street pharmaceutics can always bring in a little extra cashflow. The L.O.X. are kingpins in the studio but crime lords in Yonkers. Styles will test the work and make sure it's murderdeathkillhomocide with extra ketchup. Jada ensures that the public is loving more than Mickey D's while Sheek oversees all the operations. When you learn and learn off experience, business can be a beautiful thing. Oh yeah, fellas. The best way to prevent your workers from pilfering your product is to keep those hoes bucky-naked. A true win-win if you're the b-o-s-s. Directed by <a href="">Derek Pike</a> you bastids.

The D.I.P. Agenda

Hell Rell Feat. Sheek Louch – “Dipset/D-Block Pt. 2″

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<a href=""> Is it possible to release an interview mixtape? Because if it is, <a href="">Hell Rell</a> needs to be the first to do so.


Sheek Louch x DJ Green Lantern – Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1

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<a href=""> Sheek Luciano is a full bird colonel as far as industry vets go and his behind-the-scenes command has earned him the opportunity to call Def Jam his base of operations for the time being. To celebrate his newfound enlistment, he's recruited DJ Green Lantern as his executive officer and along with Termanlogy, Sean C. & LV, Termanology and the rest of the Lox, Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1 is the next East Coast weapon of mass destruction. Fire inna hole. Scream Y-O! <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">Sheek Louch & DJ Green Lantern - Donnie Def Jam: Guerilla Warfare Vol. 1</a>.

The Art Of War Mixtape

DJ Drama x Maino – The Art Of War

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<a href=""> The Art of War is here. Perhaps this is Maino’s statement to his doubters or his call to arms for his supporters. Either way, he’s serving as commander in chief and he’s taking his listeners to battle. In collaboration with DJ Drama and The Aphilliates, Maino spits more of his trademark simple, yet emotional raps that connect with most in some form or another. Jermaine’s found his niche, and revels in it for all to hear in this preemptive strike before The Day After Tomorrow. Contributers include Styles & Sheek, Diddy, PUSH! Montana and Snoop Dogg. Sun Tzu is now a Brooklynite. <a href=""> Download -- <a href="">DJ Drama & Maino - The Art Of War Mixtape</a> | <a href="">Alt. Link</a>.

Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch Feat. Beanie Sigel – “1 Clip, 1 Gun”

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<a href=""> Sheek got ahold of Beans and managed to shift Sigel's focus from Jay to actually spitting rhymes that sound alright. Thus "1 Clip, 1 Gun" turns out okay. Keep coming back, Beans. <a href=",%201%20Gun.mp3">Sheek Louch Feat. Beanie Sigel – "1 Clip, 1 Gun"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Thanks: <a href="">Nah Right</a>.

Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Jungle Music”

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<a href=""> My tour of the Big Apple <a href="">continues </a>with a stop in Yonkers.

The Lox

Sheek Louch Feat. Styles P – “Donnie G”

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<a href=""> Deee-Blooccckkk! Whether together or for dolo, these dudes keep putting out tracks to fill playlists. <a href="">Sheek Louch Feat. Styles P - "Donnie G"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Seen: <a href="">Splash</a>.

The Lox

Sheek Louch – “Outta Here”

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<a href=""> One third of the Lox trio, <a href="">Sheek</a> checking in with new music.

Yo Gotti

Jadakiss x DJ Green Lantern x DJ Drama – The Champ Is H3re

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<a href=""> When the gloves are off, the only time <a href="">Jada</a> is able to even sniff the championship belt is in the mixtape circuit.

The Green Ghost Project

Styles P Feat. Sheek Louch – “Double Trouble”

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SP The Ghost and Sheek sounding in good form over this rambunctious Green Lantern production, highlighted by a key PE sample for the chorus.

Sheek Louch

Sheek Louch – “Everyday”

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Pete Rock gifts Warlock Louch with a nice flip of “<a href="">Eleanor Rigby</a>” and Sheek does not disappoint by holding up his end of the bargain lyrically.

Styles P.

D-Block – “So Much Trouble/From The Block” Video

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You can argue all day about <a href="">which one of The Lox</a> does the most damage individually.

The Lox

(C)Rank It! – The Lox

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I caught up with some friends and we rapped on music for a bit.

Sheek Louch

“Refuse 2 Die” – Review Of AZ’s Legendary

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There are certain words within each profession which are reserved for a select few who have toiled to reach a higher plateau.

Trife Da God

DJ Delz & Termanology – Jackin For Beats Mixtape

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Termanology has already proved he can rip songs to shred by himself but imagine the damage he could do when paired up with the likes of Joell Ortiz, Bun B (again), Saigon or Freeway.

The Audio Biography

“Steel City” – Review Of Boaz’s The Audio Biography

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Every rapper from any mid-sized town in America hopes to be the driving force behind putting their city on the Hip-Hop map, and Boaz is no different.

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