Sheila D.

Sheila D. – “Instagram” Video


When my rap soul gets restless and tired of the same old same old, along comes Sheila D.

Simply Said

Sheila D. – “Katie’s Interlude” Video


While the world's fixated on Nicki Minaj, there's been another movement brewing among the other women of rap.

Sheila D.

Sheila D. Feat. Fat Trel – “We On” Video


I clicked play on "We On" because I find it mandatory to keep up with Fat Trel's material - solo, features or otherwise - and ended up watching the video three times repeatedly, mostly for Sheila D. As hood as hood can be, the video's unpolished edges are what make the Baltimore chick stand out as a pretty face and her ability to hang with Trel definitely caught me off guard.

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