Country Singer Kinky Friedman Claims Jerry Jones And Chris Christie Are Homosexuals While Live On ESPN

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Kinky Friedman stopped by ESPN to talk about Jerry Jones, Chris Christie, and their important homosexual relationship.


All The Ways Dr. House M.D. Was Really Sherlock Holmes

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It's been ten years since the series premiere. Let's look back on how House is the real modern Sherlock Holmes.


As If You Needed It, This Supercut Is A Reminder That Robert Downey Jr. Is The Best

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The latest wonderful supercut from Robert Jones tells us what we all already know - Robert Downey Jr. is the most charming man alive.


Everything We Learned From Robert Downey Jr.’s Reddit AMA

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From Iron Man 4 to facial hair, here's the best of the best from RDJ's Reddit chat.


Check Out These Amazing London Benches Designed To Look Like Opened Books


The UK's National Literary Trust has come up with these cool benches being spotted all around London.


Sir Ian McKellen Shared The First Photo Of Himself As A Really Old Sherlock Holmes

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Sir Ian McKellen Tweeted the first image of himself as a 93-year old Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming 'Mr. Holmes.'


An Appeals Court Has Ruled That Most Of Sherlock Holmes Is In The Public Domain

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Wanna write your own Sherlock Holmes story? Well now you can, free of charge! (Probably!)


Slash Fiction Authors Can Rejoice! Sherlock Holmes Is Officially In The Public Domain.

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A judge has ruled that the Sherlock Holmes mythos is officially in public domain. The door is now wide open for my all dog series of Holmes mysteries.


There’s a new Sherlock in town, and his name is Gandalf.

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Years from now, future historians will describe the second decade of the 21st century as the era of Sherlock fever (sorry, Syria).

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Comic-Con Video: Benedict Cumberbatch Revealed How Sherlock Holmes Survived His Fall

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In a special video for the Sherlock panel at Comic-Con, Benedict Cumberbatch "revealed" how Sherlock Holmes survived the fall at the end of season 2.


What Are the 10 Most Popular Legally Downloaded TV Series?

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We already know that "Game of Thrones" is the most illegally downloaded show of 2012, while "Dexter" was the most illegally downloaded show of last year, but what about legal downloads.


Those Doctor Who Rumors About Benedict Cumberbatch Just Keep Regenerating

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Benedict Cumberbatch is voicing Smaug and the Necromancer in The Hobbit, is playing a villain in the next Star Trek movie, and plays a modern-day Sherlock for the BBC in a series also helmed by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

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The Robert Downey Jr. Acting Venn Diagram

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The original purpose of my latest pop culture venn diagram was to illustrate my appreciation for -- and fascination with -- the career of Robert Downey Jr.


Weekend Preview: CUMBERBATCH!

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Sherlock Holmes (PBS, Sunday) -- Miniseries premiere.

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Stephen Fry playing Sherlock Downey Jr's brother

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I won't sit here and pretend I'm one of those super-hip anglophiles that knows who Stephen Fry is (I assumed he was Glenn's brother and rocked a double-neck guitar in an Eagles tribute band), but for those of you who are, hold onto your scarves, because that dude is playing Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft in the sequel to the Robert Downey vehicle, Sherlock Holmes.

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