Sherri Shepherd Loves For T.I. To ‘Come’ On ‘The View’

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Sherri Shepherd really, really likes it when T.I. is a guest on The View. Like, she really, really likes it.

the view

Jenny McCarthy & Sherri Shepherd Claim They Weren’t Fired From ‘The View’ (They Were Totally Fired)

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We have a feeling that Sarcastic Jennifer Lawrence gif would have strong feelings about this news.


‘The View’ Just Cleaned House And Whoopi Goldberg Is The Last Woman Standing

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Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy are out -- Rosie O'Donnell is possibly in?


Katherine Heigl Releases Two New Al Qaeda Recruitment Videos

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After the jump, you can watch the new trailer for New Year's Eve, a sh*tty collection of half-assed clichés full of pretty people and happy music because Hollywood thinks you're stupid.


Breaking News: Prince Survives Being Nearly Eaten Alive By A Hippo

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Tragedy nearly struck yesterday morning as music legend, Prince, was caught wandering in the natural habitat of the animal kingdom's most vicious and hungry monstrosities, much to the delight of onlooking menopausal wildebeasts.

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