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Not Famous Anymore

‘Conan’ Presents Alec Baldwin And Shia LaBeouf’s ‘Stop Paying Attention To Us Tour’

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'Conan' presents the farewell tour for Alec Baldwin and Shia LaBeouf. Life is tough when you're famous and these guys are throwing it all away to go away.


Of Course James Franco Wrote An Op-Ed Defending Shia LaBeouf For The New York Times

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In an op-ed in the New York Times, actor and 'artist' James Franco writes that we should all take notice of Shia LaBeouf's 'art.'


Emile Hirsch Has Been Having Some Fun At Shia LaBeouf’s Expense

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Count Emile Hirsch among the few celebrities making fun of whatever the hell it is that Shia LaBeouf has been doing.

Marina Abramovic

Take A Peek Inside Of Shia LaBeouf’s Weird Performance Art Exhibit

By | 13 Comments

We get to take a look inside of Shia LaBeouf's art exhibit with this exclusive Screen Junkies video.


‘Nymphomaniac Volume 1′ Director’s Cut: Uncut Dongs Going In, The Review

By | 42 Comments

Vince reviews the director's cut of the first half of Lars Von Trier's hardcore sex comedy epic, just in time for Valentine's Day.


Shia LaBeouf Is So Sorry About Everything That He’s Turned Himself Into An Art Exhibit

By | 30 Comments

Taking his stupid antics another step further, Shia LaBeouf has launched an '#IAMSORRY' exhibit in Los Angeles so people can watch him wear his paper bag.

paper bag head man

We’re Pretty Sure Shia LaBeouf Is Just Trolling Everyone At This Point And It’s Amazing

By | 18 Comments

We should've known that Shia LaBeouf wasn't finished today. This red carpet appearance with a paper bag on his head is the cherry on top.

lars von trier

Shia LaBeouf Gets Weird And Storms Off Stage At The World Premiere Of ‘Nymphomaniac’

By | 22 Comments

Shia LaBeouf escapes from his self imposed exile to make a weird statement at the world premiere of Lars Von Trier's 'Nymphomaniac' in Berlin.

megan fox

This Transformations-Only Cut Is The Best Way To Experience The First Three ‘Transformers’ Movies

By | 7 Comments

The first three Transformers movies boiled down to what you actually care about -- transformations and Megan Fox leaning over car engines...


Unfamous Shia LaBeouf Joins Bill Murray And Bruce Willis In ‘Rock The Kasbah’

By | 20 Comments

Despite his declarations that he's not famous anymore, Shia LaBeouf was more than happy to sign on for Barry Levinson's 'Rock the Kasbah.'

Charlie Countryman

So About That Time Rupert Grint Watched Shia LaBeouf Drop Acid

By | 21 Comments

Everyone's favorite ginger watched He Who Has No Fame drop acid, but of course that's not all there is to the story.


Shia LaBeouf Unretires To Call Jim Carrey A Sh*tty Father After His Golden Globes Joke

By | 28 Comments

Shia LaBeouf unretired to call Jim Carrey a bad Dad and throw his (nonexistent) arrest record in his face, because Shia LaBeouf is insane.


Shia LaBeouf Announces He’s ‘Retiring From Public Life’ Because Of ‘Attacks On My Artistic Integrity’

By | 67 Comments

Shia Labeouf announces he's retiring from public life "in light of recent attacks on my artistic integrity." Quick, someone hire a skywriter to draw a giant frownie face!

douche wars

Shia LaBeouf Has Now Entered Legal Waters In His Douche Offensive Against Daniel Clowes

By | 11 Comments

If Shia LaBeouf is merely messing around on Twitter, then this could be one of the greatest tricks ever pulled now that lawyers are getting involved.


5 Other Things You May Have Forgotten The Internet Hates About Shia LaBeouf

By | 10 Comments

Hey, let's not forget all the other reasons to hate on Shia LaBeouf.


The Hollyweird Legal Round-Up: Shia LaBeouf (Allegedly) Went Method for Securities Fraud

By | 9 Comments

This week, our faithful legal correspondent tells us about the time Shia Labeouf allegedly method acted his way to securities fraud.

twitter fights

When Shia LaBeouf And Lena Dunham Argue On Twitter, No One Wins

By | 35 Comments

Shia LaBeouf manages to rip-off Gucci Mane in his Twitter feud with Lena Dunham.


Shia Labeouf: “Should God sue me if I paint a river?”

By | 100 Comments

Shia Labeouf says "authorship is censorship" in his latest plagiarism non-apology. Yes, it's full of misspellings.


Shia Labeouf Wrote His Latest Apology in the Sky Above Hollywood

By | 25 Comments

Shia Labeouf used a skywriter to create a five-mile long apology in the sky above Hollywood, addressed to the comic artist he plagiarized.

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