20 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘The Legend Of Zelda’

By | 28 Comments

Here's a few things you probably don't know about the first game in the legendary Zelda franchise.


6 Games Nintendo Could (Very Realistically) Make To Turn The Wii U Into A Must-Have System

By | 30 Comments

Could Nintendo turn the Wii U around with software alone? They could if they made these games...


It's Now Taboo To Talk About Girlfriend Modes. Thank God

By | 13 Comments

This past generation the gaming industry was all about the "girlfriend mode", but now a Borderlands 2 designer has found himself in hot water for using that term...

Donkey Kong 3

Miyamoto Misses — The 5 Worst Games From The World's Greatest Game Designer

By | 9 Comments

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto is the world's greatest video game designer. That doesn't mean he hasn't made his share of duds though.


The 39 Headlines You Need to Become a Successful Video Game Blogger

By | 6 Comments

If you read a lot of gaming blogs, you soon realize there are only so many things to be written about video games.


Mama Mia! Could the WiiU Be Launching With Super Mario Bros. 4?


Last year Nintendo launched the 3DS and learned a bitter lesson about releasing a new platform without a real system selling game.


Angry Birds Was Shigeru Miyamoto's Favorite Game of 2011

By | 2 Comments

Yup, that's right, recently somebody asked Shigeru Miyamoto, the most recognized and respected game designer in the world, what his favorite non-Nintendo game from 2011 was, and his answer was Angry Birds.


5 Video Game Non-Stories We Obsessed Over Too Much in 2011

By | 5 Comments

Covering the video game news beat isn't as easy as you'd think.

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