Here Are The Cyber Monday Deals That Are Actually Worth It

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There are a lot of Cyber Monday deals. Most of them are terrible. We found the ones that weren't.


Watch And Compare Black Friday Shopping Today To How It Was Thirty Years Ago

By | 28 Comments

Black Friday used to be a utopian dream of smiling shoppers and whimsical mall Santas. Now it is hell on Earth. What happened?


A Chinese Man Killed Himself At A Shopping Mall Because His Girlfriend Wouldn’t Stop Shopping

By | 12 Comments

Just stay home and watch football this holiday season, fellas. Shopping with your girlfriend is hazardous to your physical and mental health.

Stun Gun

Check Out This Insane Black Friday Stun Gun Fight And Never Shop In Public Again

By | 15 Comments

This Black Friday stun gun fight is insane. What happened to the soulless consumer rampage from my youth?

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How To Get A PS4 For Christmas Without A Preorder

By | 12 Comments

No preorder this Christmas? No problem. Here's how to get a PS4 for under the tree.


Amazon Enables 1-Click Within All Your Android Apps

By | 2 Comments

Want to sell literally anything within your app? Meet the Amazon Mobile Associates API.


Shopping Cart Prank


It turns out people don't like having their shopping carts casually hijacked.


Target Goggles


Are you sick and tired of going to Target and buying a bunch of stuff you don't need.


There Was A Black Friday Weekend Death After All

By | 2 Comments

On Friday we noted that there hadn't been a single death resulting from Black Friday shopping that had been reported. Well, so much for that!


Black Friday Zombie Shopping Apocalypse


Join the crowds of the undead and kick off your holiday shopping with a melee of bargains and bloodshed.


Pier 1 Imports Training Rap


This old Pier 1 Imports training tape features customers and employees rapping back and forth.


Women Be Tramplin': The Most Insane Black Friday Moments You Will Ever See

By | 6 Comments

While most people with a good grasp of common sense slept in this morning and actually enjoyed their extra vacation day, millions of people throughout America instead flocked to their local department stores, shopping malls and outlet retailers at the wee hours of the morning for the timeless tradition of "Black Friday.


Has Walmart Turned Its Back On You?


For many years now, Walmart has been a one-stop for everything you could possibly need from a retailer.


Haggle Is The New Hustle

By | 16 Comments

As I've learned first-hand throughout my past year in outside sales, the only price truly set in stone is the one your family pays for your headstone.

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