David Duchovny Really Wants To Return To ‘Twin Peaks’ As DEA Agent Denise Bryson

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David Duchovny really wants to dress in drag and revisit the role of DEA Agent Denise Bryson in next year's 'Twin Peaks' series.


Andrew W.K. Wants To Play Killer BOB For David Lynch When ‘Twin Peaks’ Returns

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If David Lynch is looking for a new Killer Bob, Andrew WK is interested.


‘It Is Happening Again': Sheryl Lee And Dana Ashbrook Return To ‘Twin Peaks’

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Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook officially announce their involvement in Showtime's 'Twin Peaks' event series.


Showtime Says Its Potential ‘Dexter’ Spinoff Won’t Be A Spinoff At All

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The Showtime president also said that killing Dexter never even entered their minds. WELL, WHY NOT?

#Penny Dreadful

‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 2 Trailer Piques Our Interest In This ‘Monster Hump Town’

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The full trailer for 'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 reveals new characters and when the show will return to bone more invisible demons.


Kyle MacLachlan Is Officially Returning To ‘Twin Peaks’ For Showtime’s Limited Series

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Agent Cooper will be returning to 'Twin Peaks' in 2016 when the show makes a limited return on Showtime.


How ‘Homeland’ Returned To Its Must-See Brand Of Crazy

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Somehow, "Homeland" made itself crazy AND good again.

cameron crowe

Cameron Crowe’s Showtime Pilot About Concert Roadies Has Cast Its Lead Roles

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JJ Abrams and Cameron Crowe's 'Roadies' Showtime comedy pilot has added a few noteable names to its cast.


Not So Fast, ‘Twin Peaks': A Reminder Of When Reviving TV Shows Went Wrong

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From 'New Monkees' to 'Knight Rider,' there's room for concern that resurrecting 'Twin Peaks' could be a bad idea.


‘Twin Peaks’ Will Return To TV In 2016 On Showtime

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"Twin Peaks" coming to Showtime is some damn fine news.


The Super Serious ‘Pauly Shore Stands Alone’ Has Been Picked Up By Showtime

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Pauly Shore's serious documentary about his struggles to regain his popularity while coping with personal issues is coming to Showtime.


Watch The First Trailer For Upcoming Documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse”


The first trailer for upcoming Showtime documentary "Kobe Bryant's Muse" has been released.

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