Box Office: Shrek on top, Marmaduke a big f’n flop

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Overall, this weekend's box office was down 28% from the same weekend last year, and I hope the conclusion film execs draw from this is "hey, maybe we should make better movies.


McDonald’s & Shrek Join Forces To Poison Your Happy Meals

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<a href=""> You've probably experienced a few recalls in your day. From automobiles to children's toys to beef patties, sometimes products just get shipped below standard. But <a href="">McDonald's</a> just had the up the ante and be the best in everything.

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Memorial Day movie attendance at 17-year low

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It would've been virtually impossible to predict, but as it turns out, a weekend that opened with a fourth Shrek, a second Sex and the City, and a pastiche of tired Jerry Bruckheimer clichés didn't exactly light people's c*cks on fire.


Ouch. MacGruber gross less than half of ‘Letters to Juliet’.

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Macgruber mounted a big marketing push over the weekend, with ubiquitous internet ads and some <a href="" target="_blank">viral  sites </a>that I thought were actually pretty funny.


Shrek tickets will cost $20 some places

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Whenever people bitch about movies costing 10 or 12 bucks, I'm usually not on board -- 10 bucks is still cheaper than any other form of entertainment outside pigeon kickin' or rat spottin'.


Guess which critic loved Shrek. Go ahead, guess.

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The other day, FilmDrunkard David was kind enough to send me the above screencap from the RottenTomatoes <a href="" target="_blank">reviews page</a> for Shrek Forever After, showing that it had received only one positive review.


Shrek poster another example of ‘Dreamworks Face’

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Aside from teaching children that sentences that end in prepositions and don't have any verbs are the hip thing to do (if Dreamworks jumped off a cliff, would you.


Studio sponsors “bizarrely metrosexual” Shrek photoshoot

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I saw this story earlier today but I hadn't been covering it, because I thought it was just some photographer using Shrek props for his boring, waifey model pictures.



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(Krzysztof Soszinski, the world's Shrekiest-looking dude) <a href="">USA Today</a> today has the important details on the latest Shrek movie.

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