Sophie Stern

Shwayze & Cisco Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Sophie Stern – “Over & Over”

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<a href="">Shwayze</a> and Cisco Adler have a tendency to rock a bit too pop, which may lead some of you astray.


Aaron Smith – “Said It All Before” Video

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<a href=""> Using love as recreational drug can lead to varied results. Aaron Smith knows this to be all too true as his <a href="">Love Stoned</a> habits has him seeing scantily-clad <a href="">Caroline D'Amore</a> apparitions throughout the night.

tv series

Aaron Smith’s More Than Malibu’s Most Wanted

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<a href=""> You may or probably won't remember MTV2's 8-show series, <a href="">Buzzin</a>,' which featured rapper <a href="">Shwayze</a> and his producer counterpart Cisco Adler parading around Malibu acting like Entourage was real life.

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