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Aliens: Colonial Marines

Your 2013 Guide To The Crappy Games You’ll Be Getting From Old People This Holiday Season

By | 25 Comments

Did you make sure to carefully list all the games you wanted for Christmas? If not, these crappy games may be sitting under the tree already...


EA’s Opinion Of The SimCity Debacle? “Success!”

By | 24 Comments

The 2013 release of 'SimCity' was a mess. Good thing enough people bought it anyway so EA doesn't have to care.


SimCity’s 2.0 Patch Adds Tons Of Bugs

By | 15 Comments

SimCity gets a 2.0 patch that... well.. actually breaks a fair chunk of the game.


‘SimCity’ Gets Its First Free DLC. It’s A Nissan Leaf Ad.

By | 7 Comments

SimCity's first DLC is... an ad for the Nissan Leaf. But hey, at least it's free.

Always-online DRM

Say What Now? EA Slams DRM, Claims ‘SimCity’ Is Actually An MMO

By | 6 Comments

...and here you dummies thought SimCity was some sort of city building simulation. Hah!

Always-online DRM

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello Resigns Amid Disastrous ‘SimCity’ Launch

By | 19 Comments

EA's CEO John Riccitiello has resigned. This comes after 'SimCity' had one of the most botched game launches ever, among other problems for the company.


A Primer On 'SimCity', The Most Horrifically Botched Game Launch In Recent Memory

By | 18 Comments

'SimCity' should have been a triumphant launch. Instead it was a mess. Here's what happened.

always-on DRM

Failed State: SimCity’s Disastrous Launch

By | 33 Comments

SimCity's launch has been a mess, thanks to its DRM.

always on

SimCity As Case Study: Four Reasons Gaming Companies Need To Ditch Always-On DRM

By | 29 Comments

Always-on DRM is a bad idea that game companies just won't seem to let go of. Here's why they should.


So The SimCity AMA Did Not Go Very Well

By | 23 Comments

Maxis devs get on Reddit, get asked about DRM in SimCity and... well... you can see the header image.


The New ‘SimCity’ Makes City Building Less Lonely

By | 11 Comments

Build cities with your friends with multi-city play...


Check Out This Disastrous New SimCity Trailer

By | 2 Comments

Will you be brave enough to turn them on?

Crysis 3

Quick 'N Dirty EA and Ubisoft Press Conference Recaps. Check out Footage of Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, Dead Space 3 and More!

By | 3 Comments

Over the past couple days we've covered the E3 press conferences of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, but what about 3rd parties.


Here's How the New SimCity is Actually Going to Work


Maxis have released a short trailer running down how the sim aspects of SimCity will actually work, and well, it's a bit hard to follow.

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