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The Final Trailer For ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Is Here!

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Fox has debuted what they say is the final trailer for 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', as well as a new picture of Quicksilver.

Bryan Singer

Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique May Get Her Own Spin-Off Movie

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Jennifer Lawrence may get her own Mystique spin-off after 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', and here's the first featurette from 'Days Of Future Past' as well.


Toby Kebbell Cast As Doctor Doom In 'Fantastic Four', Which Is Two Movies Now

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The 'Fantastic Four' reboot already has a sequel scheduled. Here's who's playing Doctor Doom, along with news of another character we can expect to see.


Chris Evans Passes The Torch To Michael B. Jordan For 'Fantastic Four'

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Chris Evans comments on Michael B. Jordan taking over the Johnny Storm role in the 'Fantastic Four' reboot, and Jordan posts an interesting Instagram photo.


Is Fox Planning To Re-Cast ‘Fantastic Four’, Rewrite The Script, And Replace The Director?

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Is Fox planning to re-cast the lead actors in 'Fantastic Four' and replace the director and script? Question mark?


Flame On: The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Has Its Four Lead Actors

By | 183 Comments

Four actors are closing deals to star in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot, and we hope The Thing does pirouettes.


Casting Moves Forward On ‘Fantastic Four’, Including A Female Doctor Doom?

By | 29 Comments

Casting for the 'Fantastic Four' reboot is getting more serious, and here are the actors who have recently screen tested for the lead roles.


Hollywood Is Assembling Its Deck For A ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Movie Franchise

By | 17 Comments

Have you been waiting for Magic: The Gathering to be made into a major movie franchise? Well, it's happening anyways...


The ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Might Star Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) And Saoirse Ronan

By | 12 Comments

Fox narrows down their shortlist of actors for the 'Fantastic Four' reboot, including Kit Harrington ('Game of Thrones') and Saoirse Ronan ('The Host').


Hugh Jackman Joins Neill Blomkamp’s Robot Sci-Fi ‘Chappie’

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Hugh Jackman joins 'Chappie', also staring Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, and Die Antwoord. Director Neill Blomkamp describes it as "like 'RoboCop', but hilarious."


Chewbacca Returns? ‘Star Wars’ Casting Call Seeks A Familiar Character

By | 2 Comments

The newest casting call for 'Star Wars: Episode VII' includes a character who sure sounds like Chewbacca to us.


Prepare Yourself: The ‘Star Wars’ Spinoffs Will All Be Origin Stories. Han Solo Shoots First?

By | 43 Comments

Disney CFO Jay Rasulo offers an update about the 'Star Wars' spin-off films, merchandising, and tentpole movie budgets.


Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Chappie’ Moving Forward With Die Antwoord And Sharlto Copley To Star

By | 9 Comments

Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi comedy 'Chappie' going forward with Sharlto Copley and two members of Die Antwoord to star.


'Elysium' Drops An Explosive Extended Trailer And Two Videos

By | 12 Comments

The 'Elysium' extended trailer and two clips have completely sold me on this movie.


Prepare Yourself For ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Offs With Young Han Solo And Boba Fett

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Two of the 'Star Wars' spin-offs in early planning stages are an origin story of a young Han Solo and a "bounty hunter adventure with Boba Fett".


Disney confirms plans for stand-alone Star Wars movies, hires Lawrence Kasdan & Simon Kinberg

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Disney has a lot of big plans for Star Wars, because that's what you do when you acquire a new brand, you talk big about how important it is and announce crazy plans to make it mega super awesome.


Prepare Yourself For A ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Sneak Peek And An Update On Kasdan and Kinberg

By | 4 Comments

Now we have a better idea of what writers Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are doing with 'Star Wars', plus we have a sneak peek of Episode VII.


‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ Duo Not Attached To New Star Wars Films

By | 11 Comments

Ever since Disney bought the rights to the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas, who is currently building his own working Death Star out of Cheetos, we’ve been keeping our guard up for an onslaught of bogus rumors, and rightfully so.


Two More Writers Hired For The Next Three 'Star Wars' Movies

By | 6 Comments

A 'Star Wars' alum and an additional writer have signed to write and produce either Episode VIII or Episode IX.


Bryan Singer Officially Possibly Not Ruining 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past'

By | 3 Comments

Bryan Singer officially signed to direct 'First Class' sequel 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past', and we've got a photoshopped suggestion for him.

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