A Man Killed The Lead Singer Of A Black Metal Band Because He ‘Tarnished Satanism’

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After he stabbed the singer of the black metal band Surrender of Divinity 30 times, a man claimed that he did it because his victim wasn't a real satanist.


Cops Called Over Cosplayer’s Underboob. Did Somebody Say Underboob Appreciation Gallery?

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Some buzzkill prompted a police report over a cosplayer showing underboob in an accurate costume. Sounds like a good time for an underboob cosplay gallery.


More On Michelle Jenneke: Gorgeous Hurdler, Sudden Internet Sensation

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Yesterday afternoon we shared with you the video of 19-year old Australian track and field star Michelle Jenneke winning the 100m hurdles at the 14th IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona, and while that in itself is not necessarily the recipe for viral video success, a beautiful woman go-go dancing before destroying everybody at hurdles is.


Science Invented the Bacterial Version of Suicide Bombers?

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Pseudomonas aeruginosa is two things: absolutely nasty and absolutely everywhere.


Controversial Underpants Make News

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We've got excessively tight Speedoes on dudes from Singapore, and why they're embarrassing said country, because caning people in public wasn't embarrassing enough.


Ex-FSU Player Might Get Caned In Singapore

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Former Florida State football player Kamari Charlton overstayed his visa during a trip to Singapore, and now faces punishment from that country.


This $100 Fuel Cell Fits in a Pocket

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Horizon unveiled their $100 portable fuel cell able to power devices which use 2.

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