It’s Time For Wisconsin’s Vitto Brown To Get On One Of Those Singing Shows

Wisconsin Badgers freshman forward Vitto Brown is proving yet again that he has a hell of a singing voice.


Must-Have Holiday Music: ‘Christmas With The Dallas Cowboys Legends’

You can own the classic Dallas Cowboys Christmas albums from the 80s, even though the players would probably prefer you didn't.


The Awkward New York Mets Version Of Sleigh Ride Is The Best Gift You’ll Get This Year


The New York Mets sang Sleigh Ride like somebody was holding a gun to their heads, and nothing says Christmas quite like bad athlete songs.


Orlando Magic Rookie Victor Oladipo Killed This Cover Of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’


In a video from this year's Spirit of Indiana Showcase, Orlando Magic rookie Victor Oladipo covered "Ain't No Sunshine" and it was awesome.


Randy Couture: Slippery When Wet


If UFC legend Randy Couture's career of starring in Expendables films and other movies starring people from The Expendables doesn't work out for him, it's good to know he can fall back on music.


And Now, The Smooth Sounds Of Vitor Belfort

If there's one thing I'd like to see at UFC on FX 7: Belfort vs.


Here's Video Of Charles Barkley & Boyz II Men Singing 'End Of The Road.' Have A Great Day


This is a video of Charles Barkley in a bar doing a karaoke version of "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men.


ATTN: We Finally Have A Quarterback Lamer Than Tim Tebow


What's worse than a quarterback who inspires a meme world record, is afraid to take pictures with women, can barely throw a football and responds to criticism about his NFL sadness with, "you are a great analyst, thanks for mentioning me".


And Now The Severe Beating Of An MLB Janitor

By way of Red Hot Mama comes this clip from MLB Fan Cave comes today's best nostalgic look back at the 1990s -- Cincinnati Reds pitcher and part-time musician Bronson Arroyo covering Adam Sandler's seminal mid-90s classic 'Red Hooded Sweatshirt'.


This Is Why We Need More Mike Tyson


If you’re trying to pinpoint the exact moment that Mike Tyson went from raging psychopath meltdown monster to the current hilarious and generally affable guy that we all love, most people would probably say it was his cameo in The Hangover.

#Justin Bieber

Cam Newton Was Like Baby, Baby, Baby

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has it all.


Shaq Is A Weird, Weird Dude


There are things Shaquille O'Neal does well.

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