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Weezer’s New Single ‘Back To The Shack’ Rocks Us Out Like It’s 1994

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The new audio for Weezer's 'Back to the Shack' should give the band's loyal fans hope for a great album.

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Check Out Gerard Way’s Post-My Chemical Romance Single, ‘Action Cat’

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Gerard Way gave his My Chemical Romance fans a little treat today, when he uploaded his new solo single, 'Action Cat,' to YouTube.


Limp Bizkit’s New Single Will Be Released On Cassette To Save Us All Time

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Limp Bizkit announced that its next single will be released on cassette and sold at their concerts, which are mostly international.


Great News, Ladies Stuck In 2000: O-Town Is Back With A Brand New Single

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Four of the five original members of O-Town are back with the brand new single, 'Skydive,' in case you wondered what happened to them.


These Are The Most Beautiful Single People On The Internet, According To The Internet

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Here are the 24 most beautiful single people on the Internet, says the Internet.


Listen to David Lynch’s First Single

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David Lynch recently recorded (or whatever you want to call this) some music recently, because why not.


Chris Lova Lova…

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Since I don't watch that much TV, it was kind of odd when I went diggin for pics of Luda for this post & found out he (or his likeness rather) made an appearance on The Simpsons lol.

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