Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Big Boi Feat. Janelle Monáe – “Be Still” Video

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<a href=""> Photo: <a href="">The A</a> On Good Friday, the video for <a href="">Big Boi</a> and Janelle's hauntingly fantastic "Be Still" has finally been released for our enjoyment.

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The Brothers of Chico Dusty: Big Boi x The Black Keys Mash-Up

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<a href=""> Two of the year's best albums - Big Boi's Sir Luscious... and The Black Keys' Brothers - mashed and thrown together? As twisted as the idea sounds, turntabilist <a href="">Wick-It's</a> ballsy concoction yields pretty surprising results as Antwan Patton sounds like a lost Keys' band member.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Big Boi Feat. Sam Chris – “The Train, Pt. 2 (Sir Lucious Saves the Day)” Video

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<a href=""> Picture By Charlie McCullers As you probably know by now, the road to Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty was of the blistering variety. The kind of trail that literally takes years to endure on the trek and will have you feet ready to crumble from the wear-n-tear. Over two years ago, we reported on <a href="">Big Boi's arrival</a> in the most unlikely circuits: the ballet.


Big Boi Feat. Rick Ross, T.I. & Bun B – “Tangerine (Remix)”

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<a href=""> Don't even think about it. Add this remix of General Patton's "Tangerine" to your playlist strictly off Bun B's stellar appearance. Download -- <a href="">Big Boi Ft. Rick Ross, T.I. & Bun B - "Tangerine (Remix)"</a> Thanks to @spittywill.


Big Boi Feat. Vonnegutt – “Follow Us (Remix)”

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<a href=""> We always like to keep everyone updated on Sir Luscious Leftfoot's travels, as if it were our duty. The beat gets bigger as he drops a remix of "Follow Us" and Kyle Lucas gets an extended appearance, rapping a few bars in support of Purple Ribbon's president. <a href="">Big Boi Feat. Vonnegutt – "Follow Us (Remix)"</a> | <a href="">Download</a> Respect: <a href="">2DBz</a> Below, Big recently <a href="">linked with Billboard</a> for their Tastemakers feature.


Big Boi Feat. Yelawolf – “You Ain’t No DJ” Video

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<a href=""> "Yodjainnodjhejusmakedozfucinmixtapes" I double dare...matter fact I triple dare you to say <a href="">Big Daddy Fat Sax</a> doesn't have one of the nicest albums in 2010 (along with the strongest video campaign).

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Chris Carmouche

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From proper mixing and beating deadlines to song scripting and scouting featured artists, a lot more work than just rapping goes into producing a proper Hip-Hop album.


Big Boi & Yelawolf Ain’t DJ’s

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<a href=""> "I ain't no DJ, but I will knock a muthaf!cka out." - <a href="">Uncle Darnell</a> Just cause the album is in stores, doesn't mean the road to <a href="">Sir Lucious Left Foot</a> (this is part seven, by the way) is completed.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

“Hustle Blood” – Review Of Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

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<a href=""> Even though Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty marks the first time Big Boi has released an album under his own moniker, the supposed debutant comes into this project with nothing left to prove. He’s already been crowned Hip-Hop royalty as one half of the greatest duo in the movement’s history. The ease that comes with assumed greatness shows. Freed from any burden of proof, Daddy Fat Sacks delivers a collection of well-crafted, rump-shaking Hip-Hop jams that honor his legacy as a Southern original. Many of the best tracks have been in people’s headphones for months, as so often happens in these days of record label stratagem and Rapidshare (witness “<a href="">Shine Blockas</a>” place on many Best of 2009 lists.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Win A GoodWood x Big Boi Chain

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<a href=""> Everyone talks about supporting artists, but this is for those who actually went out and purchased Big Boi's Sir Lucious album. We got our hands on one of the 30" <a href="">Big Boi</a> x <a href="">GoodWood</a> pieces and, instead of keeping it, we're going to pass it along to one person who bought the album.


The King Henry Skit

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<a href=""> Sir Lucious'... "King Henry" skit may be one of the funniest album breaks that I've heard in a while and Henry and Keisha speaking in Georgia dialect = comedic gold that I always end up rewinding when I hear it. In fact, it almost ranks up there with alongside other Outkast skits like "<a href="">Flim Flam</a>.

Walmart Soundcheck

Big Boi Talks Sir Lucious Leftfoot, Videos & Jamie Foxx

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<a href=""> A short clip previewing <a href="">Big Boi's</a> upcoming <a href="">Walmart Soundcheck</a> in which he discusses the videos for the deluxe version of Sir Lucious and collaborating with Jamie Foxx for "Hustle Blood.

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Big Boi – “General Patton” Video

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Antwan raps on, snaps on the video for a militant, 5 star.


Big Boi Feat. Vonnegutt – “Follow Us” Video

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<a href=""> As soon as I turned the ignition yesterday morning, "Follow Us" came blaring through the speakers but I didn't even bother to turn it down. In fact, I let it replay three times before reaching my destination. Perfect timing for the video to drop, at least for moi. As an aside, Purple Ribbon's <a href="">Vonnegutt</a> just got added to the bill for when <a href="">we (and YelaWolf)</a> come to the Chi in a couple of weeks.


Listen To Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot Now

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<a href=""> The full album is <a href="">streaming on MySpace</a> now and we can all listen guilt-free because Big's apparently down with it.


Meet Uncle Darnell

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<a href=""> We're going back to <a href="">Frazier Homes</a>, only this time <a href="">Big Boi</a> isn't our tour guide.


Sir Lucious Left Foot Reflects On Chico Dusty

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<a href=""> As any mother can testify, having a father or father figure around is irreplaceable. Certain life lessons can only be taught by a man, which is why <a href="">Big Boi's</a> Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty is so unique.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

Big Boi Brings Back Barenaked Ladies

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<a href=""> According to <a href="">Hot Tub's tweet</a> yesterday, this will be the actual artwork for the <a href="">Sir Lucious</a> and it's sexy sexy.


Big Boi Goes Back To School

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<a href=""> The world keeps turning and 'Twan's date with destiny marches closer and closer - even if <a>Jive isn't trying to play fair</a>.

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