All The Reasons ‘Better Off Ted’ Should Be The Next Comedy You Binge Watch On Netflix

By | 17 Comments

'Better Off Ted' sadly sees five years off the air today. But you can see it all on Netflix, and you should.

uncle buck

ABC Is Trying To Turn ‘Uncle Buck’ Into A Sitcom Now, Too

By | 6 Comments

Even though it already failed once as a sitcom, ABC wants to bring the 1989 John Candy classic 'Uncle Buck' back again.


NBC Wants To Turn ‘Say Anything…’ Into A Sitcom And Cameron Crowe Is Pissed

By | 8 Comments

NBC's 80s revival continues with Cameron Crowe's 'Say Anything...' becoming a sitcom that has broken up Lloyd and Diane.


Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of ABC’s TGIF With TV’s Greatest Opening Credits

By | 29 Comments

As ABC's classic TGIF block turns 25 this week, we should remember it fondly for having the most hilariously corny opening credits.


John Stamos Will Star In A New Fox Sitcom, While ‘Full House’ Could Go To Netflix

By | 4 Comments

Between his upcoming ABC drama and the 'Full House' revival, John Stamos is also adding a Fox sitcom to his plate.


Forget Central Perk, It’s Time For These Other TV Show Hangouts To Become Real

By | 37 Comments

Forget 'Friends' and Central Perk, it's time that some of TV's less-celebrated restaurants, bars and clubs got the respect they deserve.

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Fox Passed On The Tina Fey-Produced Sitcom ‘Cabot College’

By | 13 Comments

The Tina Fey-produced sitcom 'Cabot College' will have to find a new home now that Fox has changed its mind on the series order.


What ‘WWE Raw’ Would Look Like As A 1990s Sitcom

By | 41 Comments

The opening credits of WWE Raw have been reimagined as a 1990s sitcom. Stick around for the 'and' credit.


An Anti-Tribute To Cosmo Kramer, The Worst Neighbor And Friend In TV History

By | 57 Comments

For Michael Richards's 65th birthday, we examine just how terrible of a friend and neighbor Cosmo Kramer was to Jerry Seinfeld.


Someone Gave Brienne & Podrick From ‘Game Of Thrones’ The ‘Perfect Strangers’ Sitcom Intro Treatment

By | 12 Comments

They had me at Hot Pie as the annoying yet let lovable neighbor who constantly gets caught up in the hijinks.


NBC Is Launching A Contest To Have Viewers Pitch Sitcom Ideas To Them. No, Seriously.

By | 38 Comments

NBC has completely thrown in the towel and is now asking for viewer submissions for sitcom ideas. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS UP.


Who Does Brooklyn Decker Have Winning The NCAA Tournament? You Know You're Curious.

By | 16 Comments

CBS Sports released a copy of Brooklyn Decker's NCAA Tournament bracket, because we all really want to know who she has winning, I'm sure.


Casting News: Mary Louise Parker Is Going To Star In A Single-Camera Comedy For NBC

By | 6 Comments

Good news? Mary Louise Parker is getting a sitcom. Bad news? NBC will probably find a way to ruin it.


Here Are The Details On Rob Lowe’s New Pilot ‘The Pro’ That Was Just Picked Up By NBC

By | 12 Comments

Sure he's leaving our favorite show, but Rob Lowe will return to NBC very soon with his new pilot.

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Sh*tcom Watch: Ranking All 13 New Network Sitcoms, From Worst To Best

By | 106 Comments

Ranking all the new sitcoms that have premiered this fall, from "Dads" to not "Dads."


The 10 Strongest Sitcom Seasons Over The Past 20 Years

By | 225 Comments

Behold, the 10 greatest sitcom seasons since 1993. Before then, nothing happened.


Tom Cruise As Wall-E, ‘Reservoir Turtles’, And Other Mashups

By | 4 Comments

Featured mashup videos of the week, including Tom Cruise as Wall-E, 'The Walking Dead' as a sitcom, Star Wars Rock, TMNT plus 'Reservoir Dogs', and War Corgi.


5 SF Sitcoms Hollywood Should Adapt Before "ALF"

By | 11 Comments

The rumors of an ALF movie are greatly exaggerated; it's mostly just Alf's creator and puppeteer, Paul Fusco, trying to drum up work for his '80s sensation.

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