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Happy Birthday To Us! Gamma Squad Turns Five, So Let’s Look Back At This Year.

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Gamma Squad officially launched on this day five years ago, and we haven't needed pants since. For our birthday, here's a recap (and a cute dog).


Important Frotcast News: Matt Lieb Is In A Yogurt Commercial

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The Frotcast's most Jewish Juggalo has some yogurt he'd like to sell you.

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Happy Birthday To Us! Gamma Squad Turns Four, So Let’s Look Back At This Year And This Corgi.

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Gamma Squad officially launched on this day four years ago, and we haven't needed pants since. For our birthday, here's a recap (and a corgi).



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By now you should have received your shirt, so how about letting us know by hitting up @UPROXX on Twitter and Facebook?


A GIF Reaction To Our New Site Layout? We Regret Nothing.

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Gamma Squad has a new site layout, explained inside. The new stuff is below the top post, and the post up top is our lead story. THE FUTURE IS NOW. #catGIF!

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Warming Glow Site News: Our Homepage Layout Has Changed. Commence Yelling.

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A quick guide to the new layout of the Warming Glow/UPROXX TV homepage.


IMPORTANT FREE STUFF ALERT: Share Our ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale GIFs, Get A Shirt

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Free UPROXX-themed Breaking Bad shirts for anyone who shares our finale GIFs.

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Site News: Today Is Awful

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27 people, including 18 children, are dead after a mass shooting earlier today at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.


Secrets Revealed: How To Post Gifs & Other Assorted Displays Of Juice

By | 180 Comments

Have you been getting frustrated at your failed attempts to post gifs, pics, etc in the comments like the other cool kids.


WWE '13 Live Event Coverage, Roster Reveal This Saturday

By | 23 Comments

This weekend I'll be in Los Angeles, California, for WWE's SummerSlam 2012 pay-per-view, and one of the coolest aspects of that is that I'll be around at SummerSlam Axxess for THQ's hands-on experience with/live roster reveal of WWE '13.

#Viral Videos

Shocking Site News: We’re Perverts

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I have a shocking and incredible news flash for you – people love attractive female athletes.


Tommy Davidson Q & A post-mortem

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So, long story short, we promoted the hell out of our Tommy Davidson Q & A the other day and he ended up not showing up.

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SITE NEWS: Gird your loins for our live-threads

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Apologies for the rare respite from the hottest of hot movie goss, 'Drunkards, but I have a bit of network news to report.


Site News: The Comments Change, And That’s Just The Way It Is

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I know it probably feels like we're giving you an update on various changes to the comments or site every other week, but these are exciting times here at Uproxx, and things are changing for the better.

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A Programming Note…


Just wanted to let you guys know that, barring something unexpected, we'll be enjoying some much needed time off over the next few days.


Merry Christmas, Sports Jerks

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That's me, circa age four, standing in front of one of the tackiest looking Christmas trees on record.

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Happy Holidays From Warming Glow

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I had every intention of slapping together another big Corgi Friday post, or maybe a video of some dogs running around doing Christmas-y things, but then two important things happened this week: First of all, I got lazy.

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