Let’s Remember The Time Ben Wyatt Briefly Dated Dexter On ‘Six Feet Under’

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Long before 'Step Brothers' and 'Party Down,' Adam Scott played a love interest for Michael C. Hall in 'Six Feet Under.'


Michael C. Hall Played FMK With ‘Dexter’ Characters In His Reddit AMA

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Michael C. Hall discussed the "Dexter" series finale and played a round of FMK during his Reddit AMA earlier today.


We Have To Go Forward: 5 TV Shows With Disorientating Time Jumps

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A brief history of TV show time jumps, including "Lost" and "Alias."

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Ten Of Television’s Best Moments In NARM

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Narm: Tragic moments in television history that, divorced from their context, are hilarious moments in television history.


The Most Unexpected, WTF! Did-Not-See-That-Coming Deaths In Modern Television Drama History

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A look back at the most shocking deaths in television drama over the last 15 years.


What Could’ve Been: Early Casting Considerations For 20 Of TV’s Best Dramas

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Who might have been Stringer Bell? Or Claire Fisher? Or Walter White? Answers to these and many more.


It’s The Final Countdown: 10 Songs That Will Forever Be Associated With A Single Show

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It's impossible to hear "Breathe Me" and not think of "Six Feet Under," and another TV show songs associations.


Just The Brutal Parts: TV’s 10 Most Violent Deaths

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A collection of the 10 most brutal murders on TV, including selections from "Deadwood," "The Wire," and "Sons of Anarchy."


HBO's 10 Greatest Musical Moments

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It didn’t take long for the season-three premiere of “Eastbound & Down” to remind us we were watching one of the best shows on TV.


Looking Back: The 9 Best TV Series of 2001

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Since we're still new to Warming Glow, I thought it would be useful to provide some context to the television opinions expressed about the current television landscape by looking back a decade and exploring the nine best shows of 2001.


TV’s Top Ten Online Graveyards, Starring NBC’s Official Website for ‘Joey’

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I was recently having a discussion with someone who does marketing for Pepsi’s website, and I asked them, “Who goes to Pepsi.


Ten Great Gimmick Episodes

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This week's list takes a look at TV episodes that ventured outside of their shows' established formats.

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