Counterpoint: The Philadelphia 76ers Are Fun And Hilarious

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The Philadelphia 76ers are very bad at basketball. And that's okay, because the whole thing has been fun and hilarious.


The New Sixers Mascot Is A Fluffy Blue Breakdancing Dog Named Franklin

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The Sixers may not be very good, but as their fluffy new breakdancing canine mascot Franklin indicates, they are very, very fun.


Sixers Amnesty Elton Brand; Sign Nick Young


I'm not sure how I feel about this, but the 76ers reportedly just used their amnesty clause on Elton Brand to clear $18 million-worth of cap space.


Video: Thad Young’s Crazy Block and Bucket Against the Boston Celtics


The Boston Celtics set out to teach the youn 76ers a lesson last night in Game 3 of their playoff series.


Andre Iguodala Cuff Slam Dunk On Kyle Korver

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Andre Iguodala was unbelievable last night against the Chicago Bulls.


Spencer Hawes Was Transformed By Shawn Kemp

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One of the most amazing/mind-boggling/semi-ridiculous aspects of the Sixers' resurgence is the fact that Spencer Hawes has arguably been our best, most consistent player.

xavier henry

Report: Sixers, Hornets, Grizzlies Agree to 3-Team Deal

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It's been well-known that the Sixers and Grizzlies have been talking about a deal involving Philly big man Marreese Speights going back to last year.


Phoenix Suns Sign Michael Redd

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Last night, I watched my Sixers maul the worst Phoenix Suns team in recent memory.


Jrue Holiday Left-Handed Cram on the Knicks

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This one of those dunks where you don't realize how crazy it is until you see it on the slow-motion replay.

Willie Green

5 Predictions For Allen Iverson

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Anybody who is a Sixers fan or just a basketball fan in general had to love watching Allen Iverson in that emotional press conference yesterday.


Breaking News: Sixers Offer Allen Iverson A Contract

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The AP is reporting that the Sixers offered Allen Iverson a one-year, non-guaranteed contract today.


Jrue Holiday Embarasses Fellow Rookie Rodrigue Beaubois

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The Sixers' ship is sinking fast and it's still unclear whether or when Allen Iverson will come in and rescue the franchise's playoff hopes.


Allen Iverson Is A Step Closer To Returning To Philly

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Ever since, Allen Iverson and the Grizzlies parted ways a few days ago, the rumors of his next destination have been running wild.

Thaddeus Young

Elton Brand Says This Year Is ‘Definitely Personal’ For Him

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In this sport, it's surprisingly easy to go from a superstar one day to be forgotten the next.

Toney Douglas

What’s In The Bag: Knicks/Sixers Edition

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As you know, Dime Magazine is a basketball lifestyle publication.

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