This Skateboarding Mom Did Not Let Us Down When She Said She’d Bust Her Ass

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If you're a parent trying to put on a show for the kids at the skate park, make sure someone has a video camera recording it all.

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Watch Justin Bieber Gloriously Eat Pavement Attempting To Do Skateboard Tricks

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Justin Bieber is not a very good skateboarder. But that did not stop him from attempting to put on quite a show for onlookers!


Hey Bros, Check Out Green Bay’s Totally Radical Skateboarding Police Officer

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Green Bay police officer Joel Zwicky is turning heads by being the department's (and maybe even the country's) first skateboarding cop.

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This Two-Year-Old Is Better At Skateboarding Than You Are At Anything

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No helmet or pads necessary. (Still needs a diaper, though.)


This Skateboarding Cat Restores Our Faith In Skateboarding Cats

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Here's Didga, the skateboarding cat. She's been trained to do tricks with a remote-controlled skateboard, which is the best use of a trainer's time.


Brittney Palmer Has A New Slow Motion Web Series And It’s The Weirdest Thing Ever

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UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer has a new series called 'Slow & Hot' about slow motion things happening on a beach. GET IT.


Recklessly Inspirational Thing Of The Day: Wheelchair Freestyle


Wheelchair freestyle by a guy named "Wheelz" features the most bad-ass and dangerous use of a wheelchair you've ever seen.


Skateboarding Animals Compilation


The best clips of animals riding skateboards, all in one video.


The Longboard Trick To End All Longboard Tricks Involves Four People, Two Boards, Insanity

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Check out this great longboard trick involving a front flip, four people, two boards and a scoop of pure insanity.


Skateboarding Downhill With A Case Of Beer Is A Terrible Idea


A Norwegian skater attempts to transport a case of beer down a big hill.


Dash The Skateboarding Dog


You've seen dogs ride around on skateboards before, but have you seen one that does actual tricks.


Let’s Watch Bob Burnquist Crash (And Burnquist) On The Skateboard Big Air

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I'm always nervous when I watch the X-Games, because I can't walk 10 feet without tripping and falling down.


With Leather's Watch This: This Kid Is A Much Better Skater Than You

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It took young skater Egill Gunnar two tries to pull off a backflip from one skateboard to another and not bust his ass.


Kid Backflips From One Skateboard to Another


Egill Gunnar puts on an acrobatic display at the local skate park, backflipping from one board to another on two separate occasions.


Jumpy The Dog Is Your Superior (And The Morning Links)

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I don't like to just arbitrarily post pet videos -- I mean, I DO, but I'm not SUPPOSED to -- but I had to share this one of Jumpy The Dog.

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