The One Hit Song Lupe Fiasco Was Forced To Make

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Talks relationships with Kanye and Jay.

Young De

Young De – “Running Around” Video


Just when you think you can put your feet up, you're dealing with a freak without a leash, needing her kitten kaboodled with firm discipline.

The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

Freddie Gibbs x SkeeTV x LA Weekly

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Resuming where Part 1 left off, Part Two of Skee.TV's informercial for The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me and the clip includes a couple of "SkeeTV Jams" added into the mix as well.

The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

DJ Skee x TSS Present Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

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When we posted the first prominent "blog post" on behalf of Freddie Gibbs way back in April, the goal wasn't to create some overly-hyped Internet sensation but more so to showcase the talents of an MC with the power to accomplish that on his merit; through the power of rhyme.


“A Groove 4 U…”

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Here's footage from the first installment of DJ Quik's new monthly event at The Key Club in Hollywood, which he'll be doing for the rest of 2009.


Skee.TV: Crooked I Hip Hop Weekly Week 52 – The Finale

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I purposely saved this behind the scenes look for those of you going through withdrawals, complete with the DTs.

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