The One Hit Song Lupe Fiasco Was Forced To Make

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Talks relationships with Kanye and Jay.

Young De

Young De – “Running Around” Video


Just when you think you can put your feet up, you're dealing with a freak without a leash, needing her kitten kaboodled with firm discipline.


Skee.TV Gets “Up Close” To K’Naan


<a href=""> K'Naan hasn't exactly made your typical rapper buzz bombs in 2010 but make no mistake of his grind since dropping Troubadour on you </a><a href="">sleepers</a> last year.


Ice Cube Feat. OMG & Doughboy – “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own” Video

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<a href=""> The saying goes that "pimpin' is in the blood" and Ice Cube's offspring prove it here as they help Big Pop round up scallywags gone astray for the "She Couldn't Make It On Her Own" video. Directed by Matt Alonzo and Skee TV, this clip is much more than a rap video; it's an interactive advertisement. Move your mouse along the player and click on the gear from top brands like L-R-G and Crooks & Castles so they can be added to your </a><a href="">Karmaloop cart</a>.

Ya Boy

Summer Skeetox > Detox


<a href=""> Mainly because one is a hoax and the other actually takes place. This summer, Planet Los Angeles will officially be the hotspot for live Hip-Hop because </a><a href="">DJ Skee</a> is ensuring that it is so with special editions of his Skeetox event series in June, July and August.


Xzibit – “Phenom” Video

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<a href=""> With black gloves and mask in tow, Xzibit has the rap game lined up in his scope with the red dot aimed center mass. Backed by Kurupt and 40 Glocc and in conjuction with SkeeTV, MMX is the trigger and this video is the bullet. Weapon X is a phenom. We the West. Download -- <a href="">Xzibit – "Phenom" Video</a>.

The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

Freddie Gibbs x SkeeTV x LA Weekly

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Resuming where <a href="">Part 1</a> left off, Part Two of <a href="">Skee.TV's</a> informercial for <a href="">The Labels Tryin' To Kill Me</a> and the clip includes a couple of "SkeeTV Jams" added into the mix as well.

The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

DJ Skee x TSS Present Freddie Gibbs The Labels Tryin To Kill Me

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When <a href=""> we posted the first</a> prominent "blog post" on behalf of <a href="">Freddie Gibbs</a> way back in April, the goal wasn't to create some overly-hyped Internet sensation but more so to showcase the talents of an MC with the power to accomplish that on his merit; through the power of rhyme.


“A Groove 4 U…”

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Here's footage from the first installment of DJ Quik's new monthly event at The Key Club in Hollywood, which he'll be doing for the rest of 2009.


Skee.TV: Crooked I Hip Hop Weekly Week 52 – The Finale

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I purposely saved this behind the scenes look for those of you going through withdrawals, complete with the DTs.

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