‘The Simpsons’ Animator David Silverman Has Been Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane On Twitter

By | 11 Comments

Longtime animator and director David Silverman has been Tweeting some awesome old sketches from the early days of 'The Simpsons.'


Pete Holmes Looks To Protect Babies And Assist Worried Parents With ‘The Baby Safe’

By | 8 Comments

'The Pete Holmes Show' brings us 'The Baby Safe' to help out parents and protect children this holiday season.


Brent Weinbach’s “Gangster Party Line” video is amazing

By | 15 Comments

"Gangster Party Line," written and directed by Weinbach, offers a late night solution for homeys, Gs, and Tommy Tapouts who really need to talk some shit, but are all cooped up in the crib with their moms or old ladies.

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