Skillz – “2013 Sports Rap Up”

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Carrying on a tradition that was almost buried in 2012.

Thoughts Become Things

Skillz – “Rap Up 2012″

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Closing out a year wouldn't be complete without Skillz's always anticipated and enjoyable "Rap Up.


Skillz – “2011 Rap Up”

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One thing I never understood a few years back was when <a href="">Skillz</a> actually considered not going through with <a href="">his yearly "Rap Up."</a> The series is single-highhandedly one of the doper aspects of Hip-Hop and on the first day of 2012, the Virginia MC blessed us with his take the year that just passed.

The World Needs More Skillz

Skillz – “Regular Guy” Video


Skillz makes those <a href="">Willie Loman</a> raps geared to the average cat but the song "Regular Guy" is everything but mundane.


Video: Skillz Talks The “Rap Up” Series

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Skillz sits down to discuss his demands, expectations and inspirations surrounding his annual <a href="">"Rap Up"</a> series, which has become Hip-Hop's "Auld Lang Syne.


1.5 The Cooler

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Andrea 2010: The Year Of The Meme [Uproxx] New Huck Finn Cuts 'N' Word [The Daily Beast] The 5 Worst Pieces of Parenting Advice Sean Price Got On Twitter [Complex] Orioles Pitcher Alfredo Simon Jailed In Shooting [CNN] Skillz Says He’s Writing For Willow Smith’s [...].

Skillz The Rap Up

Skillz – “2010 Rap Up”

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<a href=""> Skillz's album may have<a href=""> left something to be desired</a>, but that is not to say his efforts are not appreciated in other avenues.


The Week That Was: The Diddy Can’t Breathe Edition

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<a href="h"> -- Jay Electronica exorcised the ghost Christopher Wallace & got down with the <a href="">nation of Roc</a>.

The World Needs More Skillz

“Regular Guy” – Review Of Skillz’ The World Needs More Skillz

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<a href=""> Modesty is a trait not easily heralded in the Hip-Hop world. With the yearly increase of competition and rappers present in general, the common practice is to take to your soapbox and get more obnoxious than Ed Lover. For Skillz, the vet of all trades out of Virginia, his moniker has always been his loudest attribute. Through the course of nearly two decades, he has remained an semi-eminent figure without a groundbreaking single to his name--or album, for that matter.Even so, at the height of his popularity due to the chicanery like the Internet, <a href="">roundtable discussions</a> and his famed year-end "Rap-Up" freestyles, he's out for global recognition with The World Needs More Skillz, a mildly disappointing endeavor that diminishes his reputation as a be-all and end-all type lyricist.

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The Week That Was: The Too Raw For Wal-Mart Edition

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Looking back at what a grand, content-filled week it was.

The World Needs More Skillz

Skillz – “The World Needs More Skillz (I Gotchu)”

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<a href=""> The title track from <a href="">Skillz's</a> upcoming album features punchlines referencing Wheelchair Jimmy, a miniature Jermaine Dupri, Tiny & Toya and Biggie.


Skillz Will Be In BET’s Next Cypher

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After serving everybody with <a href="">his own version of a BET Cypher</a>, Skillz garnered the attention of BET head honcho Stephen G.


Skillz Creates His Own BET Cypher

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<a href=""> Exactly. Shame on an aggin who thought they could run game on a some freestyle skits and not include the governor of VA. None the matter. Virginia has video teams, graphic artists and one MC who will be forever nice in <a href="">Skillz</a>.

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Skillz x DJ Jazzy Jeff x J. Period – Infamous Quotes

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<a href=""> Even when presented with countless opportunities to take the sleazy Pop route out, <a href="">Skillz</a> lyrical tendencies keep pulling him back in.

The World Needs More Skillz

Skillz Feat. Raheem DeVaughn – “Call Me Crazy” Video

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<a href=""> He's already given you his <a href="">confessions</a>, so the next logical step would be to settle down right.


Skillz – “Regular Guy”

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<a href=""> Photo by Turk I suppose with the explosion of rappers brought on by the advent of the digital age, <a href="">Skillz</a> would be a regular guy, the middle class of the Hip-Hop realm.


Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 6

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<a href=""> Continuing on his one man mission to bring embarrassing & enlightening Hip-Hop revelations to the masses, <a href="">Skillz</a> returns slightly ahead of schedule with the latest installment <a href="">in his "Confessions" series</a>.

The Letterman

Phil Ade Feat. Skillz – “OMG”

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<a href=""> "I'm starting a revolution and I came alone, Check the blog, I'm all up in the post like K. Malone." Please mark this kid <a href="">Phil</a> as one to watch.

Young Chris

Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 5

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Back with another installment of his <a href="">quarterly series</a>, Skillz took his confessional show on the road to NYC for part five.

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