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Skillz – “2009 Rap Up” Video

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For 2010, <a href="">Skillz</a> takes it up a notch, linking with <a href="">Three/21</a> to create a video for his "2009 Rap Up.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 4

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Hip-Hop's <a href="">Gus Hayes</a> is back again with the latest installment of his <a href="">confessions series</a>.

#Jay Z

The Week That Was: The Twenty Ten Edition

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With the holidaze and such, the week went by @ a semi-confusing pace.

Skillz The Rap Up

Skillz – “2009 Rap Up”

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It's the end of the year so you know what that means: time for Skillz to do his Hip-Hop version of "Auld Lang Syne.


Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions: The Richmond, VA Chronicles

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I was really tempted to brush off <a href="">Skillz'</a> latest installment in his <a href="">Hip-Hop Confessions series</a>.


Skillz – “Up All Night”

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New Skillz track from his upcoming Infamous Quotes, due out 12.

Truck North

Truck North Feat. Cutlass Reid & Skillz – “Run 4 Mayor” (Salute To PAC DIV)

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<a href="">Truck North</a> is shaping up to be the Styles P.

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Skillz Feat. Usef Dinero & DJ Jazzy Jeff – “Inside A Change” Video

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<a href="">Three/21</a> keeps creatin' it.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip-Hop Confessions Episode 2 (Part 1)

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Skillz is back with the second installment of his Hip-Hop Confessions series.

The Killion Floor

Your Daily Funk – “Do Your Thing”

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Like <a href="">Gotty ™ said</a>, all Funk music isn't ancient history and some people are still creating it.

The Week That Was

The Week That Was: Comments Appreciation Week

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Normally when we break the week down we go through and pick what we deem worthy of being highlighted again or feel was missed the first time.


Video: Skillz Presents Hip Hop Confessions Episode 1

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Skillz scored a nice lil' vid on this one, where he sits down with Bink.

The Wire

The Week That Was…

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Still in it's infancy, 2009 hasn't lacked for excitement as we knock the cobwebs out our brains while recovering from our holiday stupor.

wrap up

Skillz – “The Wire Wrap Up”

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If you were slightly disappointed in last year's annual "<a href="">Wrap Up</a>," take comfort in knowing that Skillz was frying even bigger fish for the 2K9.

Skillz The Rap Up

Skillz – 2008 Rap Up

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Radio rip for now but you know the CDQ is coming.

Young Jeezy

In This Crazy World…

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Its a sign o' the times when three rappers with no affiliation to one another conjure up the same feelings about these United States with tracks titled "Crazy World.


Skillz – Rap City Freestyle

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"I'll mess your hood up like a brand new Wal-Mart.

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