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Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroys Everyone In The ‘Sabotage’ Trailer

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The trailer for 'Sabotage' reveals a darker, meaner Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on a drug cartel that's killing his DEA team.

why god why?

Fox Is Fast And Furiously Rebooting ‘Hitman’ With Paul Walker. No, Really.

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Only five years after Timothy Olyphantastic played 'Hitman', Fox is rebooting it with Paul Walker. This is real. This is an idea someone had.


“Yippee Ki-Yay Mother Russia.” Yes, that’s the real Die Hard tagline.

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Considering the title of Die Hard 5 is A Good Day to Die Hard, and it already kind of sounds like something we would've come up with as a joke, I guess it's fitting that the tagline is definitely something we would've come up with as a joke.

unnecessary sequels

My dog Skip writing Die Hard 5

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I'm the rare person who didn't hate the last Die Hard movie.

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