Marshawn Lynch Got To Live Out His Skittles-Fueled Dreams On ‘Conan’


Conan gives Marshawn Lynch to live out a dream he possibly didn't even know he had: do an end zone into a large pool of Skittles.

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This Woman Completely Destroyed A Convenience Store Because They Were Out Of Skittles


Destroying the convenience store is not going to make Skittles happen any faster.

Soaking wet Seahawks fans

These Seahawks Fans Accidentally Set Off Sprinklers During The Super Bowl’s Final Drive And Things Got Worse From There


For Seattle Seahawks fans across the country, head coach Pete Carroll's decision not to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch from the goal line in the closing seconds of Super Bowl XLIX led to one of the most gut-wrenching finishes to a sporting event of all time.


For Christmas, This Guy Asked For A Dog Treat Launcher For Himself

Why? Because he wanted something to feed himself Skittles. Also, he has impeccable aim and a great taste in music.


As Far As Clothes Made Of Candy Go, The Marshawn Lynch Skittles Jersey Is A Thing Of Beauty

Because Marshawn Lynch likes Skittles a lot, a Marshawn Lynch Skittles jersey exists. A jersey made out of Skittles. He likes them a lot!


Looking For A Super Bowl XLVIII Snack? Try Some ‘Hot Skittles Sausage’


If you're in need of a delicious Super Bowl XLVIII snack, check out this Washington butcher's 'Beast Mode! Hot Skittles Sausage.'

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Marshawn Lynch Gets His Skittles Endorsement And His Own Weed Strain


Pretty cool for Marshawn to get his own candy and weed in the same week and possibly top it off with a Super Bowl title.


Here Is A Video Of Chrissy Teigen In A Shower Of Skittles, Because Why Not?


It's exactly what it sounds like: Chrissy Teigen. Shower. Skittles.

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A Brief History Of Surprisingly Good Video Games Based On Junk Food


Junk food has inspired a few surprisingly decent games...


Sweat The Rainbow

Working for the Man is even worse when he's eating all the Skittles you're sweating.


One Million Moms Does Something Right For Once, Is Protesting That Skittles Bestiality Commercial


Hate group One Million Moms is protesting a Skittles ad that features a woman making out with a walrus because it promotes "bestiality."

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