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Beyond Radiohead: 10 Lesser-Known Acts To Check Out At Bonnaroo


Bonnaroo, the 4th of the HUGE summer music festivals, after Coachella and Jazz Fest but before Lollapalooza, begins tomorrow in Manchester, Tennessee, and ends on Sunday, the 10th.


Can You Handle Hearing 19 Skrillex Songs Played At Once?

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YouTube comments are <a href="">usually worthless</a>, obviously, but they can provide much needed comic relief when an abortion for the ears <a href="">like this</a> comes along.


Look Kids! New Skrillex!


Unless Skrillex is <a href="" target="_blank">sending Kramer into convulsions</a> or <a href="" target="_blank">cooking up a mean stir fry on Tumblr</a> he/it doesn't really do it for me.


Who And What The Hell Is Skrillex?

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Just like Kreayshawn, Lana Del Rey, Odd Future and a few others before him, oddly coiffed DJ Skrillex has seemingly come out of no where, propelled by the internet, to suddenly be all over the goddamn place.

DJ Premier

UPROXX Attended The LA Premiere Of The Re:Generation Music Project


In sports, you can't watch Michael Jordan take on Elgin Baylor in their respective primes.


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of In the offing for today: <a href="" rel="author">Athena007</a> set the gas fight scene in Zoolander to Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo score.


Moar Kramer Vs. Skrillex Videos Plz

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Electronic music isn't exactly in my wheelhouse, so the only thing I knew about Skrillex prior to these mashups is that he bares <a href="" target="_blank">a striking resemblance to DJ from Roseanne</a>.

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