Barclays Center Hosts Upcoming Red Bull Midnight Run Finals

Round one of the Red Bull Midnight Run started half a year ago on the first day of June.


Exclusive Look: The Sneakers and Gear In the NBA All-Star Locker Room

Here's a nice exclusive for our Dime readers: We got our hands on a bunch of exclusive photos taken inside the players locker rooms before NBA All-Star practice this past Saturday in Houston.

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Skullcandy Unleashes NBA ALL-Star Mix Master Headphones; Special James Harden Collab

NBA All-Star Weekend is traditionally the time of year when brands step up to produce some pf their best, most exclusive work.


Kate Upton Rapping Update: She’s Still Not Rapping, But It’s Close Enough


Last week we posted the preview clip of Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model Kate Upton spitting hot fire alongside Outkast's Big Boi and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson for episode 2 of Skullcandy's Take a Supermodel to Work.


The Red Bull Midnight Run Finals Are Here!

Since last May, the best ballplayers from four of the country's most prominent basketball cities have been locked in battle.


Free Dime Giveaway: Knicks & Nets Skullcandy Headphones

The NYC basketball community is divided like never before, and everyone is taking a side - Knicks or Nets.


Kate Upton Models Skullcandy Headphones

Kate Upton participates in a photo shoot for Skullcandy headphones as part of their "Take a Supermodel to Work" campaign.


Check out Derrick Rose’s Custom Skullcandy Headphones

We're not sure any professional athlete's birthday has been celebrated more thoroughly than Derrick Rose's was yesterday.


Skullcandy’s Got All The Supermodels


Skullcandy just made all other headphones and their accompanying advertisements temporarily irrelevant.

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Skullcandy’s ‘Respect The Beard’ T-Shirt

Do you need some way to honor the recently-crowned Sixth Man Of The Year, James Harden? You could go the traditional route and pick up an authentic jersey for the OKC swingman.

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Brooklyn Nets Aviators By Skullcandy

Skullcandy Aviator headphones with the new Brooklyn Nets logo might not be quite as eye-catching as a video with Kate Upton, but they're still pretty dope.


Kate Upton Does The "Cat Daddy", Gets Taken To Work With The OKC Thunder


So I know that Kate Upton is old and busted and that Paulina Gretzky is the new hotness, but until Paulina trades in the PicsPlz for Skullcandy's HD video cameras and starts hanging out with Kevin Durant instead of local stoners in Captain America hoodies we're gonna keep waving the Kate Upton flag.


Event Recap: Skullcandy NBA All-Star Kickoff With Rick Ross, Wale & Kevin Durant


“745 white on white, that’s f#ckin’ Ross…” A journalist yelled out to the big fella, as he silently made his way across the gaudy Skullcandy x NBA All-Star red carpet.


NBA All-Star Weekend: In Pictures


As I said earlier, from games to parties to appearances, there wasn't a free second to be had during NBA All-Star Weekend.

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NBA All-Star x Skullcandy x Roc Nation Aviator Headphones

We've known for a minute now that Skullcandy has been down with the NBA.


The Skullcandy NBA Crew Headlined By Kevin Durant


It's nothing new that our friends at Skullcandy have been working with NBA players.

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