Watch Musician Bob Geldof Get Booted From Sky News For Repeatedly Saying ‘Bollocks’

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Bob Geldof is at it again, this time letting loose with some swear words on Sky News.

fans heckle reporter

Watch Fans Heckle A Sports Reporter With A Big Purple Dildo

By | 13 Comments

As it turns out, it's really hard to report the news with a dildo in your ear.


Sky News Apologized For The Most Tasteless Live Report You’ll Ever See

By | 5 Comments

Sky News got into a lot of trouble for what one of their reporters did.


Watch This British Reporter Nearly Gag As He Swallows A Fly During A Live Segment


Adam Boulton of Sky News accidentally swallowed a fly during a live report, but managed to keep it together like a gentleman.


Watch A Bad Ass Journalist Confront Three Gunmen On Camera: ‘You’re Not Gonna F***king Kill Me’

By | 11 Comments

A British journalist confronted by gunmen stares them down, grabs the barrel of one gun, and insists that NO ONE is going to kill him.

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