While You’re Worrying About The NSA Invading Your Privacy, Google Is Becoming Skynet From ‘Terminator’

By | 27 Comments

Could Google become a real life version of Skynet? Here are eight products that prove the search giant is already there.


Evil Scientists Created A Robot That Can Run Faster Than Usain Bolt

By | 12 Comments

At a speed of 28.58 mph, the KAIST Raptor is the fastest robot on two legs, which means that not even Usain Bolt will be safe from Skynet.

technology fears

Reddit Asked The Internet About The Scary Things About Technology, The Internet Delivered

By | 17 Comments

Reddit wanted to know some things that might be scary about technology. The internet responded big time


Computer To Face Ultimate Nerd Challenge: Jeopardy

By | 3 Comments

It looks like scientists have finally designed a computer that can beat nerds at their own game.

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