A Few Skype Trolls Hilariously Disrupted CNN’s Coverage Of The George Zimmerman Trial While Egypt Burned


Skype trolls hilariously interrupted the George Zimmerman trial today. And I didn't even know Skype trolls existed.


The NSA Is Looking For Terrorist Activity On The Internet In All The Wrong Places


So the NSA is monitoring our social media services to find terrorists. One problem: Terrorists are smart enough not to use Facebook.


The NSA Is All Up In Your Google, Apple, Skype, Facebook And More


The Guardian revealed a project that allows the NSA access to the servers of Apple, Facebook, Google and more.


Report: Facebook And Skype Leading To Increases In Plastic Surgery


The solution to looking bad on an optional app? Plastic surgery, naturally, rather than just not holding a phone at a low angle in unflattering light.


Skype To Feature Annoying Ads It Hopes You'll Talk About With Your Friends

You know, we really have to give Skype credit: it takes a set of enormous, hairy, and pendulous balls to not only announce that you'll be barging into the free calls made on your service with ads, but to actually refer to those ads as credible topics of conversation.

#Star Trek

Benicio Del Toro’s Replacement In Star Trek 2 Is Auditioning Via Skype

Hey, how'd this guy get in my well-appointed living room.


50 Vintage Print Ads Remade For Modern Companies

Way back in October of 2010, the Chinese year of the tiger, the fine people at Design Float whipped up some outstanding vintage ad posters representing modern online brands as a way of simply showing that vintage is always a good choice for whatever concept you might be working on.


Microsoft Buys Skype For $8.5 Billion. How Will This Affect Skype Sex?

After many rumors made the rounds in recent days about Skype's future -- including one a few days ago that Facebook would buy the company for $3-4 billion -- Microsoft has swooped in to buy the web video/phone service for a cool $8.


Boyfriend watches girlfriend get murdered on webcam


For all the gut-wrenching stories floating around out there today connected to the one year anniversary of the BP oil spill, there's one that actually stands out as more horrible than any of them: This story about a young man in China who, while chatting with his girlfriend halfway across the world in Toronto, witnessed her murder.


Why Does Russia Want to Shut Down GMail?

Russia is, as we all know, currently in the process of getting over this whole "democracy" thing and getting back to being the oppressive brutal regime it once was before Stalin died and things went all wussy.


What Are the Feds Putting Up Your Cellphone's Backdoor?

Aside from being the genesis of images that will sear your corneas (and don't come whining to us if you Google it), what do cell phone back doors have to do with you.


3.30 The Cooler


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