‘Flappy Bird’ Creator Dong Nguyen Gives An Interview As Strange As His Game Was


'Flappy Bird' creator says he removed the game because it was "an addictive product". (Plus our favorite 'Flappy Bird' parodies)


The ‘Star Trek Derp Trailer’ Is The Most Logical Use Of Gag Reel Footage

Slacktory makes "derp trailers", re-cut trailers for movies made from the blooper footage. The 'Star Trek Derp Trailer' may be the best one yet.


SUPERCUT: ‘We don’t negotiate with terrorists.’

Here's a supercut from Slacktory of people in movies repeating that old chestnut "we don't negotiate with terrorists," which has never actually been true.


This Buddy Cop Montage is Delightful


If you like buddy cop movies, then Buddy Cop: A Movie Montage is just what the doctor ordered.


SUPERCUT: The Ultimate Training Montage Montage


I always thought South Park (and later Team America) had the last word on movie training montages, but Slacktory's new supercut montage of training montages (BRAAAAHM) is, at the very least, a good way to get you pumped for those New Year's Resolutions.


Meme Watch: Good 10 Guy Greg Is The Nicest Guy To Let Ruin Your Stuff

Good Guy Greg is your nicest friend, while 10 Guy is just too high. Together they form the well-intentioned destruction Voltron known as Good 10 Guy Greg.


'Anchorman' + 'Hunger Games' = Classy GIFs


When Ron Burgandy himself appeared on Conan to play jazz flute and announce the Anchorman sequel, we rejoiced with a GIF gallery and by building a time machine (which explains why the GIF gallery was posted a month before the announcement, you see).

#bill murray

Every Slow-Motion Wes Anderson Shot Set to Ja Rule (Friday Free for All)


Friday Free for All has increasingly fallen by the wayside as I get lazier and lazier on Friday afternoons, but I'm bringing it back, with another sweet supercut/mash-up/montage/whatever you want to call it.

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