Greatest Alley-oop Ever? Greatest Alley-oop Ever.

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First of all, let me get this out of the way: "How is John.


Doug Anderson Wins All The Dunk Contests

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You know how LeBron James is always playing that worn out routine of “Maybe I should be in the Slam Dunk Contest this year…” and us basketball fans are like, “Please, oh, please LeBron, would ya do that, King.


Saturday Matinee: The Lost Dunks

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We all know the main dunks in slam dunk history: Vince's windmill.


A Kid Asks The $6M Question: Why Won’t LeBron Enter The Dunk Contest?

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Given a choice between my girl texting me "we need to talk" or receiving an e-mail from Sam with "LeBron James" in the subject line, about 90% of the time the former wins out.


HS Basketball Ref Tosses Player, Player Responds In Kind

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I don't watch a lot of high school basketball, but if they start tossing referees around like they do in southwestern Florida, I might start tuning in.

College Basketball

Keion Bell Jumped Over Children

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On Friday, men’s college basketball programs across the nation celebrated the first practices of the 2010-11 season with their respective Midnight Madness events, and none of them matter because Pepperdine University is the toast of the town.


“I Be On That Kryptonite”

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-- I don't care what anyone says, Dwight's dunk off the side of the backboard was monstrous.

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