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Tom Hanks’s ‘Full House’ Slam Poem Begs The Question: Is He The Next Christopher Walken?

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For the 23,408th time, Tom Hanks is awesome, and his reading of a poem about "Full House" only proves that theory.

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James Franco to teach slam poetry at NYU or something

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In addition to his class "Editing James Franco with James Franco" at Columbia College, getting his PhD in English at Yale (but no longer producing a student-run musical), staging real gang fights with Harmony Korine, becoming the next Perez Hilton, screening a 12-hour movie cut from a 90-minute movie, and God knows what else, James Franco has agreed to teach a graduate film course at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, on the subject of adapting poems into short films.


Troma discovers 1989 film based on the poetry of Charlie Sheen

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Anyone who's heard Charlie Sheen's rants about F-18s and Warlock Torpedoes (so basically everyone) knows that the man has a way with words.


For Colored Girls Opens Bigger Than Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim

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Megamind opened big, Due Date had the highest-grossing opening ever for an R-rated comedy*, and all was well in Hollywood, as overall business was up 30% from last year.


Social Network keeps its 100%, Armond White trolls by not trolling

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After 47 reviews, David Fincher's The Social Network is still tracking 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes in advance of this weekend's release.

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